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Superseded Engineering Documents

Superseded Engineering Documents are former manuals and guidelines that are obsolete. They are to used only for historical and research purposes, not for current design.

If you have an old manual that should be included here, please send it to the Design Document Unit.

Chief of Party 1948 (pdf 3.6m)
Control of Access Driveways 1981 (pdf 875k)
Construction Cost Estimation Manual 2001 (pdf 1.2m)
CCE Preparation Manual for Preliminary Design-English 2002 (pdf 1.3m)
CCE Preparation Manual for Preliminary Design-Metric 2002 (pdf 1.1m)
Construction Cost Estimation Manual 2006 (pdf 5.8m)
Contractor Payment System Front End Manual v1.2 (pdf 1.1m)
Design Exception Manual 2004 (pdf 1.0m)
Drainage Design Manual 2006 (pdf 5.1m)
Process Improvement Manual 2005 (pdf 132k)
Property and Relocation Procedure Manual 1989 (pdf 3.78m)
Right of Way Engineering Manual 2004 (pdf 1.5m)
Right of Way Information Management System 1996 (pdf 4.18m)
Right of Way Maps and Agreements 1972 (pdf 15m)
Roadway Design Manual 1975 (pdf 2.6m)
Roadway Design Manual 1984 (pdf 4.7m)
Roadway Design Manual 1995 (zip 1.1m)
Roadway Design Manual 2002 (zip 3.3m)
Soil Erosion & Sediment Control 1980 (pdf 4.4m)
Soil Erosion & Sediment Control 1989 (pdf 4.4m)
Standard Specifications 1961 (pdf 8.7m)
Standard Specifications 1980 Supplement (pdf 10.1m)
Standard Specifications 1983 (pdf 6.64m)
Standard Specifications 1989 (pdf 8.25m)
Standard Specifications 1996 (pdf 8.51m)
Standard Specifications 1998 Supplement (pdf 1.23m)
Standard Specifications 2001 English (pdf 10.8m)
Standard Specifications 2001 Metric (pdf 10.9m)
Standard Specifications 2007 (pdf 4.30m)
Survey Manual 2000 (zip 3.0m)
Survey Manual 2007 (zip 2.2m)
Title Bureau Manual 1994 (pdf 2.45m)
Working Drawing Procedure 2007 (pdf 276k)
Working Drawing Procedure 2005 (pdf 326k)


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