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Pavement & Drainage
Management and Technology

Pavement Design

To assist in the design and construction of roadways, NJDOT presents examples of pavement technologies.

Design Examples

Composite Pavement Overlay (pdf 28k)

Flexible Pavement (pdf 16k)

Flexible Pavement Overlay (pdf 23k)

Presentations - July 2009

Composite Pavement Rehabilitation Techniques (pdf 6.6m)

Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation Techniques (pdf 42.4m)

HMA Pavement Construction Issues (pdf 3.6m)

HMA Rehabilitation Techniques (pdf 8.7m)

Hot Mix Asphalt 101 (pdf 1.4m)

New HMA Products and Trends for NJDOT (pdf 4.2m)

NJDOT Pavement Management Systems (pdf 16.1m)

Overview of Treatment Strategies (pdf 6m)

Pavement Construction (pdf 8.9m)

Pavement Management System Overviews (pdf 1.1m)

Pavement Management Workshop (pdf 3.4m)

Project Level Data Collection and Analysis (pdf 24.9)

Ride Quality Requirements (pdf 3.7m)

Thin Overlays (pdf 3.3m)

Presentations - February of 2005

AASHTO 2002 Traffic Data-FHWA (pdf 1.2m)

Arizona's Implementation of AASHTO 2002 Pavement Design (pdf 83k)

Material Characterization-Advanced Asphalt Technology (pdf 1.2m)

NJ Pavement Management System-Stantec (pdf 1,521k)

NJ Superpave Approach-NJDOT (pdf 118k)

Pavement Performance Models-Abatech (pdf 1.9m)

Superpave Binders-Citgo (pdf 3.3m)

Superpave Mixtures-Citgo (pdf 2.4m)

Superpave Lab Evaluation-Rutgers (pdf 822k)

Workshop Introduction-FHWA (pdf 982k)

Download the following presentations:

Software Demonstration (swf 373k)

Software: NJ Companion Manual to AASHTO 1993 Design Guide (swf 1.3m)

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