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New Jersey Animal Emergency

Ocean County CART

Who we are:

New Jersey’s County Animal Response Teams (CARTs) are a group of volunteers that are trained emergency responders for disaster events in a county. Examples of disaster events include natural disasters, such as hurricanes, and man-made disasters, such as gas explosions. These events could require evacuation and sheltering of residents in an affected neighborhood or region.

What we do:

CARTs provide appropriately trained staff to operate and manage an animal shelter for the pets of evacuated residents. These are temporary pet shelters associated with a disaster event and are not shelters for stray or surrendered animals.

Who to contact:

Small animal complaints or related public safety concerns, such as loose animals or animal bites, should be directed to your local animal control office or police department. Livestock welfare complaint concerns should be directed to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture at CARTs are not responders for local animal or wildlife issues.

Animal Medical Emergencies:

Any animal medical emergency needs to be directed to a licensed veterinarian.  CARTs are not responders to medical emergencies of animals.

Mission Statement:

The Ocean County Animal Response Team is a group of volunteers who work under the Office of Emergency Management. Together we are prepared with a plan in place and are willing to provide shelter when a disaster occurs. We are always looking for more volunteers. Veterinarians, Veterinary Technologists, Veterinary Assistants, Animal Caretakers, Animal Behaviorists, Certified Animal Control Officers and most importantly, very dedicated and animal-knowledgable individuals to educate, facilitate and organize an emergency pet shelter when needed.

We are hoping social media will help us get the word out and also help by finding animal loving people ready to help and make a difference during natural disasters, evacuations, and possible epidemics. 

Working side by side with first responders and rescue professionals, you will be able to make a difference in the lives of many people and their pets. With your help, we can make this an exceptional team.

Training will be provided.

Ocean County CART Contact:

CART Director
Jim Manley
Phone: 609-204-6152

Ocean County OEM Contact:

Ocean County Office of Emergency Management Coordinator
Sheriff Michael Mastronardy
PO Box 2191
120 Hooper Ave
Toms River, NJ 08754
Phone: 732-341-3451

Ocean County CART Liaison
Deputy Coordinator
John Kirwin
Phone: 732-341-3451

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