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County Animal Response Teams (CART)

A County Animal Response Team (CART) is a group of volunteers and other entities, such as government agencies and the private sector, with resources and personnel to respond to animal issues in disasters. The CART is organized under each County Office of Emergency Management and is based on the principles for the Incident Command System developed by FEMA. The CART plans, collaborates, and trains with other responder entities to provide a coordinated disaster response.

Join a CART

Just like other first responder groups, your county's CART needs volunteers like you to learn and train together, to be ready to respond if a disaster occurs. 

Your county is looking for individuals to become CART volunteers. If you are willing to take on preparedness activities, to learn, train and exercise so that in the event of a disaster a professional team of individuals can respond and properly take care of the animals, please contact the person in your county.  


Being a trained CART member will allow you to respond as a recognized responder, which is needed for liability and safety reasons. In addition, training is necessary for everyone's accountability with those managing the incident.

Upcoming Training

To get a jump on the training, take the following course on-line:

The following FEMA online courses are the minimum courses for CART members. Members that will perform leadership roles will need to take additional courses. The online FEMA courses can be found at: (

IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System I-100 (Required for all first responders)

IS-700 National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction (Required for all first responders)

Other Suggested Applicable Learning:

IS-10 Animals in Disaster - Module A: Awareness and Preparedness

IS-11 Animals in Disaster - Module B: Community Planning

IS-111 Livestock in Disaster 

New Jersey CARTs

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