Chapter 42A. Hearings & Appeals

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Subchapter 1. General Provisions

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19:42A-1.1     Definitions
19:42A-1.2     Applicability of rules

Subchapter 2. Commencement Of Contested Case Hearing

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19:42A-2.1     Right to a hearing
19:42A-2.2     Commencement of a contested case hearing
19:42A-2.3     Notice of right to a hearing
19:42A-2.4     Request for a hearing
19:42A-2.5     Failure to request a hearing; withdrawal of a request; final action
19:42A-2.6     Transmission to the OAL or designation of a hearing examiner

Subchapter 3. Conduct Of Contested Case Hearing

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19:42A-3.1     Burden of proof
19:42A-3.2     Settlement prior to transmission
19:42A-3.3     Wage executions

Subchapter 4. Commencement Of Appeal Hearing

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19:42A-4.1     Right to appeal; notice of right to appeal
19:42A-4.2     Commencement of appeal hearing; extension of time to appeal
19:42A-4.3     Record of appeal
19:42A-4.4     Case Information Statement form
19:42A-4.5     Filing and service of Case Information Statements, briefs, and motions
19:42A-4.6     Time for filing and service briefs
19:42A-4.7     Dismissal of appeal; withdrawal; effect of stipulation on appeal

Subchapter 5. Conduct Of Appeal Hearing

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19:42A-5.1     Conduct of appeal hearing
19:42A-5.2     Oral argument
19:42A-5.3     Determination of appeal hearing procedure
19:42A-5.4     Evidence; new evidence
19:42A-5.5     Standard of review
19:42A-5.6     Appeal decision

Subchapter 6. Hearings On Complaints Against The Division

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19:42A-6.1     Hearings on complaints against the Division
19:42A-6.2     Burden of proof

Subchapter 7. Hearings On Rules

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19:42A-7.1     Hearings on regulations

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