Community Information

The Casino Control Commission's vision—to be a key partner and catalyst in promoting the general welfare, health, and prosperity of Atlantic City, the Greater Atlantic City Region, and the State of New Jersey—calls it to be engaged in the communities of Atlantic City and the South Jersey region. The Commission's efforts in the community improve awareness of the benefits of casino gaming and facilitate the community's access to those benefits.

The Commission’s engagement in the community is also closely related to its mission—to promote public confidence and trust in the credibility and integrity of the gaming industry. Public confidence and trust grow when prosperity is shared. By highlighting the partnerships that exist between the industry and community groups, the Commission bolsters public confidence and trust in the industry as a critical economic engine for Atlantic City, the region, and the State.

    • Black History - The Commission highlights Black History in the Atlantic City community and the casino industry. Spotlighting community members who have participated in the industry and made important contributions to ensure its success strengthens ties between the community and the industry.
    • Reentry Information - The Commission coordinates with reentry organizations and provides affected individuals with casino employment information. Landmark legislation enacted by Governor Murphy in 2020 extends the opportunities and benefits of casino employment to people who have successfully exited the criminal justice system and graduated from recovery court. This effort strengthens the community by reaching well-qualified workers who help address the industry’s growing employment needs while they build new lives for themselves and their families.
    • Spotlight on Atlantic City - Each year, the Commission spotlights a non-profit group that has worked diligently, often behind the scenes, to improve Atlantic City for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.
    • Veterans Information - The Commission participates with public sector agencies and groups and non-profit organizations to provide Veterans of the United States Armed Forces with information on the broad opportunities that exist for them and their family members to participate in the casino industry, most notably through employment. Veterans possess broad training and skills that are highly transferable to careers in the casino industry and veterans continue to be an important source of workers for the industry.

These important efforts are also rooted in the public policy of the State, as declared by the Legislature in the Casino Control Act: 

"The tourist, resort and convention industry of this State constitutes a critical component of its economic structure ... capable of providing a substantial contribution to the general welfare, health and prosperity of the State and its inhabitants." N.J.S.A. 5:12-1b(2). 

"Atlantic City and its resort, tourist and convention industry represent a critically important and valuable asset in the continued viability and economic strength of the tourist, convention and resort industry of the State of New Jersey." N.J.S.A. 5:12-1b(3).