Medicaid Fraud

In 2010, the powers and duties of the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General were transferred to OSC. Ever since, OSC’s Medicaid Fraud Division (MFD) has worked to protect the integrity of New Jersey’s Medicaid program and works to detect and recover funds that are improperly used.

The Division acts as the State watchdog responsible for ensuring that providers properly deliver care for which they bill the Medicaid program. OSC works to improve the efficiency and integrity of Medicaid in New Jersey and returns millions of dollars back to taxpayers each month.

MFD audits and investigates health care providers, recipients, and managed care organizations (MCOs) that coordinate the provision of an individual's health care needs. MFD evaluates the care provided to Medicaid recipients and works to detect fraud, waste, and abuse in the program. The Division pursues civil and administrative enforcement actions, and, when necessary, disqualifies providers from participating in the Medicaid program.

Each year, MFD recovers tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.

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Tipline Info

Medicaid Fraud, Waste, or Abuse Hotline:

1-888-9FRAUD5 (1-888-937-2835)

Third Party Liability:


Waste or Abuse

Report Fraud
Waste or Abuse
Government Waste and Mismanagement Hotline: 1-855-OSC-TIPS (672-8477)