Program Information

Funds by Federal Department For Distribution Among Sandy-Affected States ($Millions)

Department of Health and Human Services

Agency Bureau/AccountFunding Amount Description
Office of the Secretary/ Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund $800,000,000 $100,000,000 to “Children and Families Services Programs” for the Head Start program, $500,000,000 to the “Social Services Block Grant,” and
$195,000,000 to accounts within Health and Human Services for the purposes provided 

The information contained in this section summarizes the Federal Disaster Relief Appropriations Act funding. The above figures and summaries represent disaster relief funds made available to each federal department in response to Hurricane Sandy and are not exclusive to New Jersey. These numbers do not include revised amounts after sequestration. The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board estimated an adjustment from approximately $50 billion to $47.9 billion after sequestration.