Program Information

Funds by Federal Department For Distribution Among Sandy-Affected States ($Millions)

Small Business Administration

Agency Bureau/AccountFunding Amount Description
Salaries and Expenses $20,000,000 For grants to or cooperative agreements with organizations to provide technical assistance related to disaster recovery, response, and long term resiliency to small businesses that are recovering from Hurricane Sandy


Agency Bureau/AccountFunding Amount Description
Office of Inspector General $5,000,000 Necessary expenses related to the consequences of Hurricane Sandy


Agency Bureau/AccountFunding Amount Description
Disaster Loans Program Account $520,000,000 For the cost of direct loans authorized by section 7(b) of the Small Business Act; $250,000,000 is for direct administrative expenses of loan making and servicing to carry out the direct loan program

The information contained in this section summarizes the Federal Disaster Relief Appropriations Act funding. The above figures and summaries represent disaster relief funds made available to each federal department in response to Hurricane Sandy and are not exclusive to New Jersey. These numbers do not include revised amounts after sequestration. The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board estimated an adjustment from approximately $50 billion to $47.9 billion after sequestration.