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2004 Press Releases
December 21, 2004 New Jersey’s Predatory Lending Law Protecting Consumers
December 19, 2004 Teaching Seniors How to Prevent Identity Theft
December 9, 2004 Banking and Insurance Commissioner Offers Holiday Shoppers Tips on Identity Theft
December 9, 2004 Teaching High School Drivers the ABCs of Auto Insurance
December 3, 2004 Commissioner Urges Holiday Shoppers to Protect Their Hard-Earned Dollars
December 1, 2004 Total Returned to Policyholders Nears $300 Million
November 29, 2004 Commissioner Cites Capital Bonding Corporation and Former CEO for State Law Violations
November 22, 2004 10,000 Drivers Join the Ranks of the Insured
November 18, 2004 Reforms Pave the Way for Progress in Auto Insurance Marketplace
November 9, 2004 State Farm Indemnity Returns to Marketplace
Order C04-109
November 1, 2004 Insurance Department Continues Inquiry into Industry Practices
October 22, 2004 Department of Insurance to Probe Industry Practices
October 21, 2004 New Jersey Joins National Initiative to Protect Policyholders and Consumers
October 21, 2004 Financial Education Targeted for Communities
October 19, 2004 Consumer Alert: Know Your Agent or Broker
September 30, 2004 Auto Insurance Marketplace: Policyholders Benefit in 2004
September 3, 2004 Insurance Company Reviews Posted on Web Site
August 19, 2004 Governor McGreevey's Auto Insurance Reforms Spur Further Rate Reductions
August 16, 2004 GEICO Opens for Business in NJ
August 10, 2004 Auto Insurance Reforms Moving Ahead
August 6, 2004 Banking and Insurance Closes Communication Gap
August 2, 2004 Commissioner Approves Acquisition of Oxford Health by United
July 29, 2004 Improved Auto Insurance Reforms Continue to Generate Benefits for New Jersey Drivers
July 21, 2004 Better Preparing Consumers for the Financial Marketplace
July 7, 2004 Governor Signs Bill Amending Predatory Lending Law
July 1, 2004 State Celebrates Financial Independence Day for Consumers
June 24, 2004 Auto Insurance Market Recovering - Drivers Reap Benefits
June 15, 2004 Department spearheads effort to improve financial literacy
June 9, 2004 New Jersey Policyholders are in the Driver's Seat: Auto Reforms Taking Hold
Auto Reform Annual Report (PDF)
May 25, 2004 Reducing Auto Risks, Putting Downward Pressure on Rates for New Jersey Drivers
May 4, 2004 Sale of Low-Cost Auto Insurance Policy Nears 3,000
April 28, 2004 Commissioner Warns Retailers About Bill-Paying Service
April 12, 2004 Commissioner Moves to Protect Policyholders
April 7, 2004 Number of Dollar-a-Day policies tops 1,500
April 6, 2004 Governor's Auto Reforms Produce Results: New Jobs and Rate Rollbacks
March 25, 2004 Department Examination Benefits Consumers
March 22, 2004 More Consumer Protections for New Jersey Drivers
March 17, 2004 Online auto insurance shopping tool a big 'hit'
March 4, 2004 Banking and Insurance Commissioner Announces New Tool to Help New Jersey Drivers Purchase Auto Insurance
March 2, 2004 Press Advisory: Commissioner Launches Auto Insurance Purchasing Planner
March 1, 2004 State Farm Indemnity voluntarily reduces its rates - again
February 4, 2004 Department Releases 2003 Auto Company Performance Information for Consumers
January 23, 2004 State Moves to Protect Policyholders; Files to Liquidate Insurer
January 16, 2004 New Jersey bank regulators wary of Fleet takeover
January 9, 2004 Governor Reports to NJ Drivers on Auto Insurance Reform (PDF)
Report on the Status of Auto Insurance Reform in New Jersey (PDF)
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