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Virtual Learning Toolkit: Resources for Families and Schools

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology (OET) has released two new resource guides: the Teacher Digital Learning Guide and the School Leader Digital Learning Guide.

Students rely on technology especially when learning in virtual, hybrid and limited school opening environments. The following resources are designed to provide important guidance and recommendations to support digital learning.

These guides provide strategies to help parents, teachers and school leaders effectively incorporate digital learning strategies both inside and outside the classroom.

For parents, your involvement in your child’s education can lead to better learning results and outcomes. This “Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide” will inform you, as a parent or caregiver, as you monitor your child’s progress.

The Teacher's Guide includes insights on ways to meet the unique needs of students by using educational technology, facilitating personalized learning for students, and embracing professional development opportunities. Digital learning and its supportive technology can help you as a teacher advance learning, mitigate learning loss, and create opportunities for social and emotional engagement. These publications are a companion to the Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide.

1. Devices and Hardware – Information about computers/tablets

2. Connectivity and Broadband – Information about internet service and Wi-fi

3. Software and Learning Platforms

4. Training and Professional Learning – Information about engaging students through hybrid and remote instruction

5. Tech Support and Digital Literacy – Supports using technology and troubleshooting information

6. Funds and Financial Support – Possible funding resources for schools


Throughout the website, there are multiple references to the Remote Digital Learning Roadmap.  The Remote Digital Learning Roadmap was developed in partnership with Sustainable Jersey Digital Schools, the New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey School Boards Association. 

Disclaimer: Please note that the New Jersey Department of Education has not approved the materials related to these resources. The resources are provided for informational and convenience purposes only. Neither the New Jersey Department of Education nor its officers, employees or agents specifically endorse, recommend or favor these resources or the companies/entities who have developed them.

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