New Jersey Department of Education

Accountability and Quality Improvement

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), states are required to implement a system of general supervision designed to improve outcomes for students with disabilites and ensure LEA compliance. A robust system of general supervision addresses the fiscal, regulatory and program development requirements of the IDEA listed below. 

To ensure compliance with the Integrated Monitoring requirement, the Office of Special Education (OSE) has instituted a six-year monitoring cycle. OSE monitoring activities are tiered to provide appropriate support to LEAs based on need. All LEAs will participate in Tier One Desk Monitoring, which consists of an LEA-led review of student records and special education policies and procedures. The results of the desk monitoring will be combined with established risk assessment criteria to identify LEAs who will participate in Tier Two Onsite Monitoring. 

Image Source: WestEd. (2019). National Center for Systemic Improvement.

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