New Jersey Department of Education

Indicator 14: Post-School Outcomes

Important Survey for Former Students with Disabilities

The New Jersey Department of Education, Office of Special Education (OSE), is responsible for conducting an annual survey of former students with disabilities one year after they exit from school to determine what, if any, activities related to employment and education these young adults have been engaged in during the year since leaving high school.  The survey is conducted as part of a federal requirement for New Jersey’s State Performance Plan for Special Education, Indicator #14: Post School Outcomes.  OSE partners with the Bloustein Center for Survey Research at Rutgers University and a representative cohort of local school districts (see cohort members below) to conduct this survey and analyze the results.  Every school district in New Jersey with a secondary program participates in this survey approximately once every six years. 

Individual responses to the survey are anonymous and confidentialFormer students’ names will not appear on the survey or on any report that is generated as a result of the survey.  Information from all surveys are summarized for each district as well as for the entire state. The State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report, to be completed each year on February 1st, will report the statewide results, and individual school districts within the cohort will receive their own district’s summary report.   

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