Comments of Advisory Panel are posted separately, as noted below. All other comments submitted by the public are posted or will be posted under "Stakeholder Comments." Comments will be continuously posted. Check back often to review the most recent postings.
Advisory Panel
Nationally known experts from industry, academia and government with both broad overall understanding of energy issues and individual concentrations of knowledge were asked to read the draft Energy Master Plan and provide their comments. Read Advisory Panel Comments.

Stakeholder Comments
Any member of the public may comment on the draft Energy Master Plan. Comments received so far are being posted here. Check back often as new comments are posted.

Advanced Biofuels Coalition, John Kneiss [14kB]
Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Inst., George Cook [33kB]
American Utility Management, Inc. Jeffrey Peterson [38kB]
Association of NJ Environmental Commissions, Julie Groth [32kB]
Atlantic City Electric Company, Kenneth Parker [130kB]
Baltimore Aircoil Company, Bill Dietrich [3.64MB]
Building Owners & Managers Association, Patrick Connelly [899kB]
CALMAC Manufacturing Corp. Mark MacCracken [146kB]
Clean Ocean Action, David Byer [754kB]
Citizen Charles Abel [27kB]
Citizen Katherine Abbott [12kB]
Citizen R. Blaser [12kB]
Citizen R. Andrew Blelloch [14kB]
Citizen Earl Brown [12kB]
Citizen Ada Brunner [10kB]
Citizen Larry Corsi [8kB]
Citizen Sandra DeSmedt [9kB]
Citizens Lorraine & William Gold [11kB]
Citizen Paula Hayes [9kB] 
Citizen Joanne Kohler [10kB]
Citizen Jody Kruse [21kB]
Citizen Judy Foester [12kB]
Citizen Liz O'Keefe [14kB]
Citizen Matt Polsky [79kB]
Citizen Josh Praul [10kB]
Citizen Terry Rosiak [12kB]
Citizens Ann & Doug Rossbach [9.9kB]
Citizen B. Sachau [15kB]
Citizen Grace Sinden [9.25kB]
Citizen Joe Sullivan [13kB]
Citizen Robert Tigar [8kB]
Citizen Ron Vanadia [10kB]
Citizen Anna Will [12kB]
Citizen Sylvia Weisbrot [9.8kB]
Citizen Phil Wohlrab [12kB]
City of Cape May [136kB]
Commerce & Industry Association of NJ, Paul Tyahla [138kB]
Consolidated Edison Solutions Inc., Stephen Wemple [25kB]
Constellation Energy, Daniel Allegretti {136kB]
Covanta Energy, Kenneth Armellino [198kB]
CURRENT, Harry Wingo [66kB]
DCO Energy [25kB]
Direct Energy Services, Marc Hanks [584kB]
Division of Rate Counsel, Stefanie Brand [350kB]
Duke Energy Generation Services [55kB]
Fishermens Dock Co-Op [23kB]
Fishermens Energy of NJ, Daniel Cohen [35kB]
Fuel Merchants Assocation of NJ, Eric DeGesero [144kB]
Grammies & Beyond Nuclear, Richard Webster [135kB]
Grammies & Beyond Nuclear (2) [186kB]
Heating, Airconditioning & Refrigerator Distribution Int'l, Talbot Gee [52kB]
Hess Corporation, Jay Kooper [673kB]
Ice Energy, Inc. Grace Kurdian [199MB]
Independent Energy Producers of NJ, Adam Kaufman [47kB]
Island Wind, Michael Mercurio [23.3kB]
Jersey Central Power & Light Company, Stephen Morgan [193kB]
Latino Leadership Alliance of NJ, Martin Perez [2.83MB]
Monmouth County Planning Board, Robert Clark [24kB]
National Green Energy Council, Ralph Avallone [62kB]
Natural Resources Defense Council, Luis Martinez Marti [85kB]
New Generation Biofuels, Connie Lausten [129kB]
NJ Affordable Clean Reliable Energy Coalition, Edward Salmon [272kB]
NJ Apartment Association, Conor Fennessy [346kB]
NJ Audubon Society, Thomas Gilmore [344kB]
NJ Business & Industry Association, Sara Bluhm [194kB]
NJ Citizen Action, Atif Malik [104kB]
NJ Conference of Mayors, Colleen Mahr [436kB]
NJ Farm Bureau, Richard Nieuwenhuis [24kB]
NJ Future, Peter Kasabach [27kB]
NJ Environmental Lobby, Michael Pisauro [172kB]
NJ Environmental Justice Alliance, Nicky Sheats [94kB]
NJ International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers [455kB]
NJ Large Energy Users Coalition, Steven Goldenberg {118kB]
NJ Natural Gas, Kathleen Ellis  [1.62MB]
NJ Petroleum Council, Jim Benton [61]
NJ Propane Gas Association, Trisha Jones [460kB]
NJ Sierra Club, Jeff Tittel [36kB]
NJ Sustainable Energy Future [895kB]
NJ Utilities Association, Karen Alexander [74kB]
NRG Energy, Raymond Long [41kB]
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, Beth Robinson [30kB]
Noveda Technologies, Daniel Poore [15kB]
NWP Services Corp. Brian Willie [21kB]
PPL Companies, Howard Thompson [952kB]
PJM [48kB]
PJM Power Providers Group (P3), Glen Thomas [51kB]
Premium Power Corp. Peter Gibson [29kB]
Public Service Enterprise Group [1.28MB]
Retail Energy Supply Association, Roger Schwarz [111kB]
Rockland Electric Company  [62.2kB]
Rutgers University, Dunbar Birnie, III  [75kB]
Solar Alliance, Susan LeGros [4.6MB]
Soltage, Inc. [61kB]
South Jersey Industries, David Kindlick [247kB]
Southern NJ Development Council, Marlene Asselta [81kB]
Sun Farm Network, Mark Warner [477kB]
US Environmental Protection Agency, Kathleen Hogan [81kB]
Utility Workers Union of America [408kB]
Vineland Municipal Electric Utility [13kB]
Wellspring Wireless, Wade Smith [48kB]
ZoneFirst, Richard Foster [382kB]