New Jersey Fallen Heroes Memorial

NJ Fallen Heroes Memorial
In Honor of all those from New Jersey who gave their lives in the fight against terrorism during Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. In Humble gratitude, we remember their sacrifice.
Governor's Message

Welcome to the New Jersey Fallen Heroes Memorial website. Please use this site as a resource and a portal to honor New Jersey's brave men and women in uniform who dedicated their lives to defend our freedom.

All Americans who enjoy the blessings of liberty owe a tremendous debt of gratitude and appreciation to those who serve and have served in the Armed Forces of the United States. Together as a State, we grieve the loss of family, friends and loved ones, but take solace in the knowledge that these soldiers and their valiant sacrifices will never be forgotten.

We are eternally grateful for these fallen heroes, who represent our Nation's greatest values of patriotism, bravery and loyalty. Please take the time to pay tribute to these individuals and I encourage you to visit the beautiful War Memorial Building located in Trenton.

My very best,

Philip D. Murphy


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Memorial In Trenton

The memorial pays tribute to the brave New Jerseyans who perished while in service to their country

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In Memoriam

But on the battlefield their feet stood fast, and in an instant at the height of their fortune, they passed away from the scene, not of their fear, but of their glory.

    Names of the Fallen    
A - G
Cpl Terrence P. Allen
U.S. Marine Corps, 15-Sep-07
SPC Yoe Manuel Anieros
U.S. Army, 7-Sep-04
PFC Joe R. Baines
U.S. Army, 16-Dec-06
SPC Ryan Travis Baker
U.S. Army, 15-Nov-03
PV2 Charles Barnett
U.S. Army, 20-Nov-08
Spc. Jonathan Batista
U.S. Army, 8-Jul-12
PFC Stephen C. Benish
U.S. Army, 28-Nov-04
PFC David J. Bentz
U.S. Army, 20-Jun-07
CDR Kevin Bianchi
U.S. Navy, 16-Jul-03
LCpl Donald S. Brown
U.S. Marine Corps, 25-Oct-06
SGT Scott Brunkhorst
U.S. Army, 29-Mar-10
SSG Jason M. Butkus
U.S. Army, 30-Aug-07
SGT Keith T. Buzinski
U.S. Army, 17-Apr-11
SSGT Oscar E. Canon
U.S. Marines, 14-Feb-12
SSG Frank Timothy Carvill
U.S. Army, 4-Jun-04
CPT Thomas J. Casey
U.S. Army, 3-Jan-08
SGT Steven Checo
U.S. Army, 21-Dec-02
SSG Robert J. Chiomento II
U.S. Army, 17-Jul-06
PFC Min Soo Choi
U.S. Army, 26-Feb-05
LCpl Curtis A. Christensen Jr.
U.S. Marine Corps, 11-Jan-08
PFC Ryan D. Christensen
U.S. Army, 24-Nov-05
SSG Christian E. Bueno-Galdos
U.S. Army, 11-May-09
SSgt Eric D. Christian
U.S. Marine Corp, 4-May-13
1SG Christopher D. Coffin
U.S. Army, 1-Jul-03
SPC Brian M. Connelly
U.S. Army, 26-Feb-09
1LT Salvatore S. Corma
U.S. Army, 29-Apr-10
LCpl Christopher B. Cosgrove III
U.S. Marine Corps, 1-Oct-06
CPL Michael Edward Curtin
U.S. Army, 29-Mar-03
CPT Gregory T. Dalessio
U.S. Army, 23-Jun-08
Sgt. Joseph D'Augustine
U.S. Marine Corps, 27-Mar-12
Pfc. Leroy Deronde III
U.S. Army, 27-May-12
LCpl. Osbrany M. De Oca
Marines, 10-Feb-12
SPC Anthony Joseph Dixon
U.S. Army, 1-Aug-04
SGT Ryan Edward Doltz
U.S. Army, 5-Jun-04
SPC Christopher M. Duffy
U.S. Army, 4-Jun-04
2LT Seth J. Dvorin
U.S. Army, 3-Feb-04
SGT Michael Egan
U.S. Army, 19-Sep-05
SPC Farid Elazzouzi
U.S. Army, 14-Jun-07
SPC Richard Emmons
U.S. Army, 31-May-11
CPT Brian R. Faunce
U.S. Army, 18-Sep-03
Sgt Matthew J. Fenton
U.S. Marine Corps, 5-May-06
SGT Clarence L. Floyd Jr.
U.S. Army, 10-Dec-05
LCpl Phillip E. Frank
U.S. Marine Corps, 8-Apr-04
PFC Vincent M. Frassetto
U.S. Marine Corps , 7-Sep-06
SGT Bryan L. Freeman Jr.
U.S. Army, 8-Nov-04
SPC Adam D. Froehlich
U.S. Army, 25-Mar-04
SPC Ryan A. Gartner
U.S. Army, 1-Feb-11
SGT Jonathan A. Gollnitz
U.S. Army, 26-Sep-12
CPL Carlos Gonzalez
U.S. Army, 16-Mar-06
Spc. Michael L. Gonzalez
U.S. Army, 28-Aug-08
SSgt Anthony L. Goodwin
U.S. Marine Corps, 9-May-05
SGT Marcos Gorra
U.S. Army, 21-Feb-10
LCpl Jourdan L. Grez
U.S. Marine Corps, 11-May-05
SPC Kyle A. Griffin
U.S. Army, 30-May-03
CPT Sean Grimes
U.S. Army, 4-Mar-05
Staff Sgt. Raul M. Guerra
U.S. Army, 4-Jul-12
CPT James M. Gurbisz
U.S. Army, 4-Nov-05
H - O
PVT Ronald R. Harrison
U.S. Army, 22-Apr-08
SGT James W. Harvey II
U.S. Army, 20-Jun-11
SSG Terry Wayne Hemingway
U.S. Army, 10-Apr-03
SGT Eric J. Hernandez
U.S. Army, 4-Dec-07
LCpl Jon T. Hicks
U.S. Marine Corps , 10-Sep-07
SPC Michael A. Hook
U.S. Army, 22-Aug-07
SSG Jeremy R. Horton
U.S. Army, 21-Mar-04
Sgt. Christopher R. Hrbek
U.S. Marine Corps , 14-Jan-10
SPC Hai Ming Hsia
U.S. Army, 1-Aug-06
1LT Ashley L. Henderson Huff
U.S. Army, 19-Sep-06
SSG Michael R. Hullender
U.S. Army , 28-Apr-07
SPC Simeon Nathaniel Hunte
U.S. Army, 1-Oct-03
Capt Ryan K. Iannelli
U.S. Marine, 28-Sep-11
PV2 Bradley Iorio
U.S. Army, 29-May-09
LCpl Francisco R. Jackson
U.S. Marine Corps, 19-Oct-10
SPC Marlon P. Jackson
U.S. Army, 11-Nov-03
CPL Michael D. Jankiewicz
U.S. Army, 9-Apr-10
SPC Alain L. Kamolvathin
U.S. Army, 16-Jan-05
LCpl Jeremy M. Kane
U.S. Marine Corps , 23-Jan-10
PO2 Matthew G. Kantor
U.S. Navy, 1-Nov-12
SSG Edward Karolasz
U.S. Army, 19-Nov-05
MAJ Dwayne M. Kelley
U.S. Army, 24-Jun-08
Cpl Sean P. Kelly
U.S. Marine Corps, 26-Jan-05
Cpl Derek A. Kerns
U.S. Marine Corps, 11-Apr-12
CPL Kareem R. Khan
U.S. Army, 6-Aug-07
SGT Michael D. Kirspel Jr.
U.S. Army, 27-Oct-10
CPL Steven R. Koch
U.S. Army, 3-Mar-08
SGT Ronald A. Kubik
U.S. Army, 23-Apr-10
SSG John D. Linde
U.S. Army, 5-Nov-07
SSG Andrew T. Lobosco
U.S. Army, 22-Aug-09
SSG Christian Longsworth
U.S. Army , 19-May-06
Sgt. John A. Lyons
U.S. Army , 26-Oct-11
SPC David P. Mahlenbrock
U.S. Army , 3-Dec-04
1stLt Jason D. Mann
U.S. Marine Corps , 17-Jul-08
PFC Miguel A. Marcial III
U.S. Marine Corps , 1-Apr-07
CPL Luigi Marciante Jr.
U.S. Army, 20-Sep-07
SSG Timothy R. McGill
U.S. Army, 21-Sep-13
Sgt Brian Daniel McGinnis
U.S. Marine Corps, 30-Mar-03
Col. John M. McHugh
U.S. Army, 18-May-10
MAJ Ramon J. Mendoza Jr.
U.S. Marines, 14-Nov-05
SPC Gil Mercado
U.S. Army, 13-Apr-03
PFC Bruce Miller Jr.
U.S. Army, 22-Mar-04
SSG Frederick L. Miller Jr.
U.S. Army, 20-Sep-03
SPC Pedro Millet-Meletiche
U.S. Army, 22-Aug-10
PO3 Denis C. Miranda
U.S. Navy, 21-Sep-10
Cpl. Christopher M. Monahan Jr.
U.S. Marine Corps, 26-Nov-12
SPC Benjamin Moore
U.S. Army, 12-Jan-11
SGT Trista L. Moretti
U.S. Army, 25-Jun-07
SPC Carlos J. Negron
U.S. Army, 10-Jul-10
SSG William R. Neil Jr.
U.S. Army, 22-Mar-08
SPC Rafael A. Nieves Jr.
U.S. Army, 10-Jul-11
Staff Sgt. Jorge M. Oliveira
U.S. Army , 19-Oct-11
CPL Terry Holmes Ordonez
U.S. Marines, 10-Jul-04
SPC Richard P. Orenga
U.S. Army, 26-Jun-03
CPT Maria I. Ortiz
U.S. Army, 10-Jul-07
CPL Nicholas S. Ott
U.S. Marine Corps, 10-Aug-11
P - Z
LCpl Brian P. Parrello
U.S. Marine Corps, 1-Jan-05
SPC Gennaro Pellegrini Jr.
U.S. Army, 9-Aug-05
SGT Joel Perez
U.S. Army , 2-Nov-03
SFC Gladimir Philippe
U.S. Army , 28-Jun-03
Maj Steven Plumhoff
U.S. Air Force, 23-Nov-03
SGT Alessandro L. Plutino
U.S. Army, 8-Aug-11
SFC Daniel J. Pratt
U.S. Army, 3-Nov-05
MAJ John P. Pryor
U.S. Army, 25-Dec-08
CW3 John A. Quinlan
U.S. Army, 18-Feb-07
SGT Sameer A. M. Rateb
U.S. Army, 6-May-07
Cpl. Kevin J. Reinhard
Marines, 19-Jan-12
SPC Jamal M. Rhett
U.S. Army, 15-Aug-10
SPC Eric G. Palacios Rivera
U.S. Army, 14-Nov-06
SPC Frank K. Rivers Jr.
U.S. Army, 14-Apr-04
CPT Charles D. Robinson
U.S. Army, 3-Jun-05
SSG Vincenzo Romeo
U.S. Army, 6-May-07
Cpl Marc T. Ryan
U.S. Marine Corps, 15-Nov-04
Cpl Thomas E. Saba
U.S. Marine Corps, 7-Feb-07
PVT Anthony J. Sausto
U.S. Army, 10-May-07
LCpl Edward A. Schroeder
U.S. Marine Corps, 3-Aug-05
LCpl Michael A. Schwarz
U.S. Marine Corps, 27-Nov-06
SGT Michael P. Scusa
U.S. Army, 3-Oct-09
SFC Benjamin Sebban
U.S. Army , 17-Mar-07
SPC Marc S. Seiden
U.S. Army , 2-Jan-04
Sgt Alan David Sherman
U.S. Marine Corps, 29-Jun-04
SGT Stephen R. Sherman
U.S. Army, 3-Feb-04
SGT Eric L. Snell
U.S. Army, 18-Jun-07
SPC Stanley J. Sokolowski III
U.S. Army, 20-May-10
LtCol John C. Spahr
U.S. Marine Corps, 2-May-05
SPC Philip I. Spakosky
U.S. Army , 14-May-04
LCpl Jeffery Stevenson
U.S. Marine Corps , 13-Jul-08
SPC Narson Bertil Sullivan
U.S. Army, 25-Apr-03
LCpl Vincent M. Sullivan
U.S. Marine Corps, 23-Jul-04
SSG Stephen J. Sutherland
U.S. Army , 12-Nov-05
LCpl Harry R. Swain IV
U.S. Marine Corps, 31-Jan-05
PO1 David M. Tapper
U.S. Navy , 20-Aug-03
CPT Michael Yury Tarlavsky
U.S. Army , 12-Aug-04
MAJ Steven W. Thornton
U.S. Army, 18-Apr-05
SSG Humberto F. Timoteo
U.S. Army , 5-Jun-04
2LT Richard Torres
U.S. Army , 6-Oct-03
1LT Omar Vazquez
U.S. Army, 22-Apr-11
SSgt Thomas A. Walkup Jr.
U.S. Air Force , 23-Nov-03
A1C Carl Jerome Ware Jr.
U.S. Air Force, 1-Jul-06
SSG Joseph M. Weiglein
U.S. Army, 29-May-07
Maj James M. Weis
U.S. Marine Corps, 22-Jul-10
PV2 Robert C. White III
U.S. Army, 23-Apr-05
Spc. Ronald H. Wildrick Jr.
U.S. Army, 11-Dec-11
PFC Eric R. Wilkus
U.S. Army, 25-Dec-06
2ndLt John Thomas Wroblewski
U.S. Marine Corps, 6-Apr-04
1LT Dennis W. Zilinski II
U.S. Army , 19-Nov-05