Healthy New Jersey

Healthy New Jersey

Community Plans

Governmental Public Health Partnerships (GPHP) are regional forums that bring together local health officials to identify, plan, and organize regional local health resources. GPHPs have taken the lead in strategic, community health planning, engaging hospitals, community service providers, local businesses and many other partners.

These community partnerships have produced Community Health Assessments (CHAs), Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs), and Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs) which identify high priority public health needs and outline implementation plans for each of the identified priority issues.

County CHAs, CHNAs, and CHIPs

Hospital System, Health Collaborative, and Regional Health Hub CHNAs

If you are involved in a CHNA or CHIP and notice that we don't have the most recent report linked above, please Contact Us using Website Issue as the subject and include the URL of the new report.  Thank you!

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