Support Coordination (Care Management)

Support Coordination Agencies and the support coordinators that work for them provide independent care management for people receiving DDD-funded services. Together with the person and their planning team, support coordinators develop and make any necessary changes to the person's annual individualized service plan.

Support coordinators meet in-person or remotely (by computer or phone) with the person at least once a month, to monitor their health and safety and make sure the services in their plan are still meeting their needs. 

Choosing a Support Coordination Agency

To find Support Coordination Agencies that that serve a person's county of residence, use one or both of these DDD resources:

The Boggs Center developed this guide booklet that may be helpful as you search for a Support Coodination Agency: Selecting a Support Coordination Agency: Making Choices, Becoming Empowered.

Changing Your Support Coordination Agency

Once a person is enrolled in one of DDD's medicaid waiver programs, they have the right to change their Support Coordination Agency if they wish to. To request this change, submit the Support Coordination Agency Change Form to DDD.

Support Coordination Agency changes are made by DDD at the beginning of each month.

The Boggs Center developed this guide booklet that may be helpful as you think about changing your Support Coordination Agency: Evaluating Support Coordination Services.