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In addition to the numerous prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery support services managed by the Division, DMHAS is also focusing on various major initiatives that impact the behavioral health system of care in the State.  Programs continue to focus on wellness and recovery.  The State continues to emphasize efforts related to Olmstead, in order to ensure that consumers are served in the least restrictive and most appropriate placement.  We are working to better integrate primary care and behavioral health care, as physical and behavioral health are known to impact one another.  Disaster recovery continues to be an important aspect of the Division's work.  We have also increased our promotion of trauma informed care, as many consumers have experienced traumatic events that continue to impact their current behavioral health.   The Division has developed a strategic plan to streamline efforts for priorities related to the strategic areas of community integration, move to fee for service and workforce development.

Community Support Services (CSS)

IME CSS Pre-Submission Checklist (Guidance Tool) 

CSS Consumer and Family Listening Session - April 2019

CSS Consumer and Family Listening Session

 February 14, 2019 CSS Provider Letter from Commissioner Carole Johnson

Community Support Services Provider Letter

March 15, 2017 Letter from Assistant Commissioner Valerie Mielke

March 15, 2017 Letter from Assistant Commissioner Valerie Mielke to CSS Providers about the option to transition to Fee for Service either July 2017 or January 2018
March 15, 2017 CSS FFS Options Letter

The NJ State Plan Amendment
The State Plan Amendment (SPA) describes CSS and outlines both consumer and provider participation
criteria.  It also summarizes the basis of reimbursement, specifically the method
used to determine the fixed fee-for-service rates.
New Jersey CSS SPA

10:37B Community Support Services Regulations
These regulations outline the required standards for providers of CSS for adults with serious mental illness in the State of New Jersey.
NJAC 10:37B Community Support Services for Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses

Community Support Services Eligibility Criteria Checklist
This checklist outlines the CSS consumer eligibility criteria, more specifically, the criteria for establishing a severe mental health need, as that term is defined at N.J.A.C. 10:37B.
Consumer CSS Eligibilty Criteria Checklist

Community Support Services Enrollment Form
The enrollment form must be submitted to the Interim Management Entity (IME) for all new CSS consumers. The enrollment form must include the consumer’s discharge date into the community.
Community Support Services Enrollment Form

Community Support Services Fax Cover Sheet

The fax cover sheet must be used when providing a submission to the Interim Management Entity (IME). Each submission to the IME must be separate and accompanied by a separate fax coversheet.
Community Support Services Fax to IME Sheet

Preliminary and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Needs Assessment (PRNA & CRNA)
The rehabilitation needs assessment is a template that provider agencies may use to gather all information required to determine a consumer’s individual strengths, preferences, needs, abilities, psychiatric symptoms, medical history, and functional limitations.
PRNA and CRNA Template

Individualized Rehabilitation Plan (PIRP & IRP) Template
The individualized rehabilitation plan template, whether for PIRP or IRP, is a DMHAS form that all CSS providers must use to outline a consumer’s goal (s).
CSS Blank IRP Form

Individual Rehabilitation Plan Modification Form
This form must be submitted to the IME when modifications are made to the IRP.
CSS IRP Modification Form Guidelines
CSS IRP Modification for New Goal 
CSS IRP Modification for a New Band
CSS IRP Modification for Changing Funding Source
CSS IRP Modification for Additional Units
Administrative Authorization Modification (60 Day) for Changing Funding Source

Individualized Rehabilitation Plan (IRP) Sample #1
This completed IRP provides an example of how to outline a consumer’s chosen goals, objectives, and provider interventions.
Final Sample IRP for Webinar

CSS Monitoring Tool
The monitoring tool can be used to ensure agency compliance with CSS regulations. It also contains a checklist that can be used to assist with claims submitted to Medicaid.
CSS Monitor Tool with Regs

CSS Power Point Presentations
These presentations provide an overview of CSS and highlight important aspect of CSS documentation
Feb 2017 CSS Documentation Webinar
Jan 2017 Community Support Services(CSS) Presentation

Rutgers SHP CSS Website
This website includes the power point presentations and hand-outs that have been used during the CSS trainings provided by Rutgers SHP.

CSS Annex A 2019

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