Move Today

Move Today is a 30-45 minute non-aerobic exercise class designed to improve flexibility, balance and stamina. Participants assess their health, physical well-being and intent to make behavior changes before and upon completion of the program. The exercises and guidelines are based on current nationally recognized standards and science. Find a class by contacting a Move Today agency in your area.
Exercises can be done while sitting or standing. Classes are led by trained peer leaders and meet weekly or bi-weekly for twelve sessions. Program features include:

  • A brief education component focusing on an exercise-related topic.
  • Inexpensive exercise bands to gain maximum effect from resistance exercises.
  • A major focus on good posture and falls prevention.
  • An exercise intensity scale and a weekly exercise log to track participant activity.
  • A self-assessment process for participants to assess their health, physical well-being and intent for behavior change given both before and upon completion of the program.

Professionals with experience leading physical activity programs or health-related programs for older adults are certified as program trainers. Program trainers are provided with comprehensive leader and participant manuals, as well as a DVD for training reinforcement. Lead coordinators, located in 19 of New Jersey’s 21 counties, have the capacity to train new peer leaders to implement the program on an as-needed basis. As noted by one local public health department, Move Today provides a unique opportunity for agencies to engage with one of their key target populations - seniors.

Costs to administer Move Today are minimal - exercise bands cost around $1.00 each and the program requires two bands. Since the program is peer led, the only other actual cost is printing of participant manuals.

For more information: call 609-438-4797.