NJ Human Services Honors Police Officers for Their Efforts to Protect Some of New Jersey’s Most Vulnerable Residents

Sept. 16, 2022

(TRENTON) – The New Jersey Department of Human Services celebrated National Police Week today by honoring its police officers for their efforts and service to protect some of New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents.

Police Week is celebrated annually in May to recognize police officers around the country who lost their lives in the line of duty and to recognize officer achievements. Today’s ceremony was held belatedly due to COVID-19.

The Human Services Police protects state facilities operated by the Department of Human Services and the Department of Health. This includes the developmental centers and psychiatric hospitals. Through an agreement with the Department of Children and Families, the Human Services Police also partner to investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect and, if necessary, arrange for the child's protection and the family's treatment.

As part of a recognition ceremony at the Department of Human Services, Human Services Commissioner Sarah Adelman highlighted the essential work of the Human Services Police and noted the unique skills required for this critical role.

“The brave men and women of the Human Services Police handle situations and duties that represent the true essence of community policing,” Commissioner Adelman said. “They engage with individuals and families at times of great vulnerability and provide steady, empathetic and supportive leadership. Their unique work requires specialized skills and talents and training. I thank them and Director Tim Gallagher for their dedication and commitment.”

The following officers were honored during today’s recognition ceremony:

  • Certificate of Meritorious Service for performance above and beyond the normal course of duties:
    • Police Officer Thomas Brewer
    • Police Officer John Cascone
    • Police Officer Eric Courtney
    • Police Officer Marcial Martinez-Gomez
  • Certificate of Military Service:
    • Lieutenant Duane Brown (Iraq)
    • Lieutenant Jeffrey Lannon (Iraq)
    • Sergeant Paul Campistrous (Iraq & Afghanistan)
    • Police Officer Thomas Brewer (Iraq)
    • Police Officer Richard Burke (Afghanistan)
    • Police Officer Joshua Joyce (Afghanistan)
    • Police Officer Marcial Martinez-Gomez (Iraq)
    • Police Officer Salvatore Pollara (Iraq)
    • Police Officer Jeff Raines (Iraq)
    • Police Officer Darren Smith (Iraq)
    • Police Officer Gonzalo Vargas (Afghanistan)
    • Police Officer Armond Viola (Afghanistan)
    • Police Officer Michael Norelli (Afghanistan)
  • Oath of Office:
    • Chief Edward J. Fuller
    • Captain Brian M. Lee
    • Captain Justin S. Kurczeski
    • Lieutenant Kelli Baker
    • Lieutenant Ernest Long
    • Detective Sergeant Roberto Negron
    • Sergeant Paul Campistrous
    • Sergeant Troy Hesse
    • Sergeant Dwayne Wilcox
    • Sergeant Zivojin Savkov
  • Oath of Office New Officers:
    • Police Officer Steven Meckel
    • Police Officer Skylar Dixon
    • Police Officer Shawn Canada
    • Police Officer Matthew Lewis
    • Police Officer Joseph Brandecker Jr.
    • Police Officer Derek Enriquez
    • Police Officer Liam Klock
    • Police Officer Troy Haynes
    • Police Officer Jacob Stuerze
    • Police Officer Eric Courtney
    • Police Officer Michael Norelli
    • Police Officer Nil Mistry
    • Police Officer Melissa Jurkiewicz
    • Police Officer Armond Viola
    • Police Officer Richard Burke
    • Police Officer Joseph Mastrangelo
    • Police Officer Christopher W. Kelly
  • Certificates of Appreciation:
    • Lieutenant Geoffrey Hoffman (Retired)
    • Sergeant Steven Brink (Retired)
    • Sergeant David Coombs (Retired)
    • Detective Craig Metz (Retired)
    • Detective Thomas Brown (Retired)
    • Officer Charles Baldi (Retired)
    • Officer Joel Blake (Retired)
    • Officer Michael Branham (Retired)
    • Officer Devin Carter (Retired)
    • Officer Michael Cassady (Retired)
    • Officer Bruce Cooper (Retired)
    • Officer Sharon Eckert (Retired)
    • Officer Kenneth Hearne (Retired)
    • Officer Christopher M. Kelly (Retired)
    • Officer Walter M. Kelly (Retired)
    • Officer Tyrone McEady (Retired)
    • Officer Scott Mickalich (Retired)
    • Officer Manell Morton (Retired)
    • Officer Joseph Rosemont (Retired)
    • Officer Vincent Saunders (Retired)
    • Officer Theodore Schnetzer (Retired)
    • Officer Edward Smedley (Retired)
    • Officer Mark Moore (Retired)