NJ Human Services Honors Police Officers for Their Efforts to Protect Vulnerable New Jersey Residents

May 19, 2023

(TRENTON) – The New Jersey Department of Human Services celebrated National Police Week today by honoring its police officers and recognizing their efforts to serve and protect some of New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents.

Police Week is celebrated annually in May to recognize police officers around the country who lost their lives in the line of duty and to recognize officer achievements.

The Human Services Police (HSP) serves at  state facilities, including the developmental centers for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities operated by the Department of Human Services, and the psychiatric hospitals operated by the Department of Health. HSP also assists the Department of Children and Families with protection and permanency efforts, including investigation of missing children.

As part of a recognition and appreciation ceremony, Human Services Commissioner Sarah Adelman highlighted the essential work of the Human Services Police and noted the specialized skills required for service in the role of HSP officer.

“The Human Services Police are community and relationship focused,” Commissioner Adelman said. “They strive to provide empathetic and supportive assistance, while often engaging with individuals with special needs and families in challenging circumstances. Their unique mission and work positively impacts so many lives, and New Jersey is fortunate to have this police force dedicated to serving some of our most vulnerable individuals.”

The following officers took oaths during today’s recognition ceremony:

Oath of Office:

  • Chief Brian M. Lee
  • Lieutenant Roberto Negron
  • Detective Sergeant Donald Maurone
  • Detective Sergeant Alex Rivera
  • Sergeant Marcial Martinez

Oath of Office – New Hires:

  • Police Officer Derek Enriquez
  • Police Officer Liam Klock
  • Police Officer Troy Haynes
  • Police Officer Brianna Alfieri
  • Police Officer Armond Viola
  • Police Officer Alex Peltzman
  • Police Officer Marc Vitello
  • Police Officer Michelle Pistone
  • Police Officer Justin Gentile
  • Police Officer Liam Christensen