Division of Employer Accounts

Worker Classification Questionnaire

man getting a letter from a mailbox

IMPORTANT NOTE: We sent out a mailing on August 24, 2022 requesting information related to an audit being conducted on DoorDash. This audit is an attempt to determine if you were properly classified in your working relationship with DoorDash. It is not related to your personal income or taxes.

  • We're resending the mailing because it had a misspelling and a wrong return date.
  • We extended the response time to September 30, 2022.
  • Use the contact information on the letter to reply to our request via email or postal mail.

The NJDOL recently mailed letters and a questionnaire to certain workers as part of a routine auditing process. This audit will determine if workers are being properly classified as an employee or independent contractor, and helps us confirm that workers are getting all of the compensation and benefits they are entitled to from their employer.

If you received this correspondence, please complete the enclosed Worker Classification Questionnaire and return it to the department per the instructions, by the date indicated. If you did not receive the questionnaire with your letter, or need another copy, download it here and either email or mail to address listed on the letter you received.

We are not auditing your personal income for taxation purposes.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter as we work to ensure our workers are being compensated fairly and appropriately.