NJ Geospatial Forum

Email Listserv

What is the NJGF discussion listserv?

The NJGF discussion listserv is an open, unmoderated email list developed to promote discussion of GIS-related subjects, particularly GIS issues or projects in New Jersey. Subscribing or unsubscribing to the email list does not affect your membership in the NJ Geospatial Forum. Please do not use not use the NJGF listserv for marketing purposes or commercial promotions.

Why should I sign up for the NJGF discussion listserv?

  • Stay in touch with the local GIS community to exchange ideas and gather information
  • Receive reminders about upcoming NJGF General Meetings
  • Receive notifications about changes to NJ Office of GIS web services, maps and applications

How do I sign up for the NJGF discussion listserv?

To participate in the NJGF listserv, subscribe using your preferred email client. The listserv will automatically register the email address from which your subscription message was sent. If you use more than one email address, be sure to subscribe from the one you want to use on the NJGF discussion listserv.

All commands sent to the listserv must be sent as plain text, not as HTML. Be sure to set the message format option in your email client to plain text. Remember to leave the Subject blank. Allow a few minutes for your subscribe request to be approved.

The listserv accepts most of the standard distribution list commands. Research majordomo mailing list commands for more information.

Please remember to only post GIS-related subject matter to the listserv. Contact the NJGF Administrator with questions.


Send the following email:

To: majordomo@listserv.state.nj.us
Subject: leave blank
subscribe njgf-discuss


Once you have subscribed, use the following email address:

To: njgf-discuss@listserv.state.nj.us


To: majordomo@listserv.state.nj.us
Subject: leave blank
unsubscribe njgf-discuss