Congressional District Data Now Hosted

NJ Congressional Districts are now available as high performance feature services, leveraging ArcGIS Online scalable infrastructure. Available in both NJ State Plane & Web Mercator projections.

August 2020

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SSURGO soils database available from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

SSURGO is now available from NRCS in file geodatabase format. NRCS provides options to download by county, statewide and other geographies. The downloads include the entirety of SSURGO database tables which contain information about soil properties, interpretations and productivity values suitable for many uses related to agriculture, ecology and engineering.

September 2020

Statewide color and light gray basemaps recently revised

The statewide color and light gray basemaps were recently revised to incorporate substantial updates to road centerlines and municipal boundaries data.
August 2020

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NJ Transparency Center Tax Parcel App

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Taking Care of Business Site Evaluator

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NJ Elevation Product Finder App

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Northwest NJ 2018 LiDAR Project

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Hurricane Sandy Funds Tracker

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