Property Explorer App now out of beta

The NJOGIS Property Explorer application is out of beta and now features improved search performance and an additional lots field.

September 2023

Maintenance scheduled for NJOGIS map services & applications

Due to scheduled maintenance, NJOGIS map services & applications may be unavailable on Monday, September 11, 2023 from noon to 1pm. We apologize for any inconvenience.

September 2023

NJOGIS GIS Specialist 3 position open

Come and join the NJOGIS team! Apply by Monday, August 7, 2023.

July 2023

Updated 2020 orthoimagery tiles

The following tiles were redelivered by Quantum Spatial, Inc. to correct the building lean/shadow issues found in the Atlantic City, NJ area:

H19B8 I19A1 I19A9
H19B12 I19A5 I19A10
H19B16 I19A6 I19A13

Download these tiles (COG, MrSID Gen 2, MrSID Gen 3) from AWS using the Imagery Warehouse or AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). These tiles will be incorporated into the cached map service and WMS layers in the future.

June 2023

New Statewide derived products

In addition to the existing 2021 Statewide 10 ft DEM and Hillshade, Slope and Aspect datasets are now available for download on AWS using the Command Line Interface (CLI). The latter datasets will be available as image services in the future.

June 2023

NJ Next Gen 911 Information

Here is some helpful information related to the Next Gen 911 effort that NJOGIS is coordinating:

NJ Next Gen 911 Grant
NJ Next Gen 911 Data Standard
NENA Next Gen 911 Data Model

June 2023

Interactive Maps

Imagery Warehouse

Interactively download tiles from the most frequently requested imagery collections

Property Explorer App

Search all parcels in NJ by address, county, municipality, block and lot

Congressional District Finder

Search for U.S. Senators and Congressional Representatives by address

2019 South NJ LiDAR Collection

Download point cloud data (.laz files) and other elevation products

2018 Northwest NJ LiDAR Collection

Download point cloud data (.laz)