About NJTF-1

Mission Statement

It is the primary mission of New Jersey Task Force One (NJ-TF1) to provide advanced technical search and rescue capabilities to victims trapped or entombed in structurally collapsed buildings. To this endeavor NJ-TF1 members pledge to the citizens of the State of New Jersey to provide efficient and effective rescue technologies in a planned and measured response system that mirrors the Federal Emergency Management Agencies guidelines on urban search and rescue and the appropriate National Fire Protection Association Standards.

The members of NJ-TF1 further pledge to conduct all search and rescue operations in a professional, ethical, and understanding manner to protect the dignity of any victims and the local response communities that we may serve during such missions.

The members of NJ-TF1 shall endeavor to maintain their skills and abilities in technical rescue training consummate to any missions that may be established now or in the future requiring deployments to natural or manmade disaster, hurricanes, floods, conflagrations, explosions, earthquakes, or weapons of mass destruction incidents that are beyond the capability of local emergency services.