Emergency Management Training

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The Training & Exercise Unit conducts emergency management training for individuals in state and local government or the private sector having responsibilities related to emergency management.  Our training courses assist the public and private sector in their ability to mitigate, plan for, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made emergencies. All training is consistent with federal initiatives, and is designed to create a comprehensive and integrated system addressing all hazards at the county, local and state levels.

The NJOEM Field Training Schedule and Training Application are linked below. New courses are added regularly, so please check back for updates. All courses require completion of a Training Application or registration and notification of course enrollment prior to the start of class.

The Unit designs, develops, conducts, and evaluates emergency management exercises that test the State’s overall preparedness for a variety of threats and hazards. Additionally, the Unit provides guidance to counties, municipalities, and other agencies who are planning their own exercises.

Below is a link to the Exercise Tracker Tool, which agencies use to notify the Unit about planned exercises. Those exercises that are approved by the State Exercise Officer are eligible for credit towards grant submission requirements and other program obligations. A guide for using the tool is also provided.

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Exercise Tracker

Exercise Tracker
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