General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program


The Support Services Unit of the New Jersey State Police, Office of Emergency Management has been designated as the State Agency for Surplus Property (SASP) by State law. The SASP is responsible for the administration of the Program, working with GSA to allocate and distribute donations of federal surplus personal property within the State. Public agencies, volunteer first aid squads & fire departments, health and educational nonprofit-tax-exempt organizations, providers of assistance to homeless, impoverished and/or older individuals, Service Educational Activities (SEAs) such as the Boy Scouts of America and Little League Baseball, museums attended by the public, Veteran's Service Organizations (VSOs) accredited by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, and Veteran Owned Small Businesses (VOSBs) are among the eligible agency types. Please see below application and the corresponding instructions and definitions document that will aid in filling out the application. Submit the application and supporting documentation as a PDF to our Program email address:

Be advised, real property such as buildings, housing, land, etc., are not available under any circumstance. Only personal property - equipment to be used for official purposes only - is available for conditional donation. Terms and conditions of property acquisition are listed on pages 3 & 4 of the application. Please thoroughly review these terms prior to submitting an application for participation.


  • Is the sole point of contact in NJ for eligibility determinations and submissions for requests for surplus property once an organization is deemed eligible to participate.
  • Operates a direct donation model in which the approved donee arranges for the pickup or shipping of the property they have been awarded directly with the donating agency. All shipping and transportation costs associated with the acquisition of donated items are the donee's responsibility.
  • Ensures all federally mandated guidelines are upheld by authorized donees, including but not limited to, certifying donated property has been placed in-use and remains in-use for at least 12-18 months depending on the item's original acquisition cost. The NJ SASP periodically conducts on-site inspections with donees to verify compliance with Program procedures.
  • Upon Presidential declaration of an emergency or a major disaster locates, procures, transports, and distributes surplus equipment and supplies in accordance with the directions of the Federal Emergency Management Agency pursuant to the Disaster Relief Act of 1974 (Pub. L. 93-288) and Executive Order 12148, as amended.

For more information please review the GSA Guide

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For further information and guidance contact the NJ SASP Staff by emailing