Evacuation Routes

NJ Coastal Evacuation Maps

Photo of Evacuation Route sign

The maps on these pages do not show local or county Evacuation Routes. They do show the various State roads that have been identified as potential Evacuation Routes for coastal emergencies such as approaching Tropical Storms or Hurricanes.

You can prepare for an Evacuation by using a local map to identify the roads you would take to reach these Evacuation Routes from home, work or any place where you and your family spend time.

Remember that all evacuation plans, including the evacuation routes posted on this and other NJOEM web pages, are flexible and may change based on the nature of an emergency.

When local, county or State officials order you to evacuate , they will provide specific information about the roads you should take. Police and first responders will be posted in your community to direct traffic and block roads that are unsafe.

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New Jersey Coastal Evacuation Maps

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Your local, county or State emergency management officials will notify your neighborhood of the need to Evacuate or take other Protective Actions.

They will do this via Emergency Alert System messages on local radio and TV. They may also alert entire areas via via community notification systems such as “Reverse 911,” which sends messages to home telephones. Officials may even travel with bullhorns in certain areas.

 If you are unable to listen to the radio or believe you may miss these messages, make arrangements with someone in your neighborhood. Make sure someone will reach out to you, to keep you informed.