Health-Related Actions

What does it mean to take Health-Related Protective Actions?

To take Health-Related Protective Actions means to take specific actions identified by your local or county health departments or by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, in response to an emergency.

For example, if an industrial accident releases radioactive iodine into the environment, you may be directed to take Potassium Iodide (KI) pills.

If an outbreak of disease or an act of bioterrorism creates the danger of bacterial or viral infection, you may be directed to report to specific locations at which medicine or other forms of health care will be provided.

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Your local, county or State emergency management officials will notify your neighborhood of the need to take Health-Related Actions or other Protective Actions.

They will do this via Emergency Alert System messages on local radio and TV. They may also alert entire areas via community notification systems such as “Reverse 911,” which sends messages to home telephones. Officials may even travel with bullhorns in certain areas.

Remember: Your single greatest information source before, during and after an emergency will be your battery-powered radio.

 Also remember: If an emergency is taking place and you are unsure what to do, first Shelter-in-Place. Then listen to the radio or TV for instructions from emergency management officials, and follow those instructions.

If you are unable to listen to the radio or TV or believe you may miss these messages, make arrangements with someone in your neighborhood. Make sure someone will reach out to you, to keep you informed.

Follow this link if you have Disabilities or other Special Needs.Individuals with special needs often require additional time and assistance to prepare for a disaster.

Follow this link if you have Pets other than Americans with Disabilities Act service animals. Public shelters cannot accept pets, so you must plan accordingly.

Follow this link to learn about the other Protective Actions you may be directed to take during an emergency.

To learn more about Health-Related Protective Actions and the types of threats that may make them necessary , visit the Emergency Preparedness Website prepared by the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services.