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Division of Administration

Division of Taxation 2024 Recruitment

The New Jersey Department of the Treasury's Division of Taxation is actively recruiting for professionals throughout the division. A list of positions, unit descriptions, and job duties will periodically be posted below. At this time, the division is onboarding candidates who were interviewed in January, February, and March. We anticipate new opportunities to become available in May. Please revisit our website in May to find out more information.

Update for Expo Attendees:

If you attended our Recruitment Expo in January, February or March, please monitor your email account for updates. Candidates will be contacted based on interview score, location preference, and vacancy availability. Top ranking candidates will be contacted no later than April 30th. Candidates who are extended a formal employment offer will have a start date of April 22nd or May 20th.

All other candidates who successfully passed their interview but did not score high enough to be contacted at this time will be placed on a hiring list that will remain in effect through August 30th, 2024. Candidates placed on the hiring list are not guaranteed employment. However, you may be contacted and extended an offer as higher ranking candidates decline our offer, withdraw their application from consideration, or drop off the hiring list for any other reason. Your interview score and location preferences will remain in effect through August 2024. A second interview and updated background check forms will not be required if selected.

Please note all Helper positions have now been filled with the Division of Taxation. Your resume will be shared with other divisions across the department for other opportunities that become available in this position or similar.

If you have any questions regarding recruitment efforts for the Division of Taxation, please contact us at

Employment opportunities across the Department of the Treasury and it's In But Not of Agencies can be found at NJ Division of Administration. If you have any questions regarding the opportunities found on this website, please contact us at

Recruitment Expo – Meet & Greet

The Division of Taxation's mission is to administer the State's tax laws uniformly, equitably and efficiently to maximize State revenues to support public services; and, to ensure that voluntary compliance within the taxing statutes is achieved without being and impediment to economic growth. The Division of Taxation is hosting recruitment expos for a wide variety of job opportunities throughout the department and locations across the State.

The recruitment expo provides prospective employees with the opportunity to meet current Division representatives, providing attendees with the opportunity to learn about the Division's mission, goals, impact on the State's economy, and current job opportunities and the day to day duties and responsibilities.

We welcome all interested candidates to stop by and get to know us. Informational pamphlets will be provided and can be shared with other colleagues, relatives and friends. Appointments are encouraged, but walk-ins are also welcomed.

Recruitment Expo – On Site Interview

The Division is actively recruiting. On-site interviews will also be taking place at our Recruitment Expo. We encourage interested candidates to submit an application packet and reserve an appointment at least 7 days prior to the event, however, walk-ins will also be accepted.

Please see below for a list of available positions, job descriptions, and requirements.

How to prepare for your interview:

  • Reserve your appointment using the link above
  • Submit an application and supporting documents one week prior. Instructions on how to apply can be found on this page.
  • Bring multiple copies of your resume to your interview

The State of New Jersey is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Last Updated: Tuesday, 03/19/24