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Division of Administration

Firefighter Cancer Screening Reimbursement Program For Government Entities Not Participating In SHBP

In September, 2022, new legislation created a reimbursement program to support eligible government entities with the cost of providing employed, full-time, paid firefighters access to cancer screenings. Full-time paid firefighters are to be provided, by their employer, with cancer screenings for a minimum of 11 types of cancer every three years. This requirement commences within the first three (3) years of employment and then every 3 years thereafter, as long the firefighter is employed in that capacity. Beginning January 1, 2023, the State of New Jersey, through the Department of the Treasury's Division of Administration will reimburse eligible government entities a maximum of $1,250, every 3 years, per firefighter towards the costs associated with the cancer screenings.

Details on how qualifying governmental entities can submit for reimbursements are coming soon.

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Last Updated: Monday, 03/20/23