photo contains: marshalling port with vessels

Economic Impact

A wave of offshore wind projects slated for development along the East Coast over the next decade will create a once-in-a-generation opportunity for economic growth.

New Jersey’s location at the heart of the East Coast Wind Belt, commitment to supporting offshore wind, and diverse and highly skilled trades and technical workforce put the State in a strong position to capitalize on this opportunity. A key part of the State’s approach to capturing these economic benefits is the development of critical infrastructure, such as the New Jersey Wind Port.

The New Jersey Wind Port will provide a major economic boost to the State of New Jersey, Salem County, and the region:

  • Longer term, the New Jersey Wind Port is expected to support up to 1,500 jobs
  • The Marshalling Port will cost between $300-400 million, with potential longer-term expansions currently at the concept stage
  • Port construction, which (commenced in late 2021) will create hundreds of additional union jobs
  • The New Jersey Wind Port is expected to support up to $500 million of new economic activity within the State and the region each year.
 photo contains: •	Graphic: Graphic of 100 stick-figures of men and women showing the break-down of occupation types in offshore wind. The graphic says: “Out of Every 100 Offshore Wind Jobs, There Are… 41 Production/Manufacturing jobs; 17 Management