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The federal government requires that all construction work done in Sandy recovery programs funded with CDBG Disaster Recovery dollars must be reviewed in a tiered environmental assessment to ensure projects undertaken will have no significant impact on the environment. Therefore, no construction work can begin on properties until all levels of environmental review have been complete and found to be in compliance. Public notices about the environmental review records for recovery projects are published in English and Spanish in statewide and regional newspapers in New Jersey.

Any individual, group, or agency disagreeing with a project’s environmental review determination or wishing to comment on the project may submit written comments within a set public comment period to:

Sandy Recovery Division, Constituent Services
New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
101 South Broad Street
PO Box 823
Trenton, NJ 08625-0823

Public comments may also be submitted via email by clicking on the email address in the box at the top of this webpage. When submitting a public comment, please be sure to reference the project name and location in the comment.

Public comments may also be submitted to:

Tennille Smith Parker
DRS, Acting Division Director, HUD
451 Seventh Street SW
Washington, D.C. 20410


Projects Currently in the Public Comment Period: 

Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation, and Mitigation (RREM) Program 


Landlord Rental Repair Program (LRRP) 


Stronger NJ Business Loan Program Projects    


Neighborhood Enhancement Program Projects 

Proposed project is located at Multiple Locations, Middletown Township, Monmouth County ,NJ (Monmouth County)

NEP0288 FinalFPNotice_English


Public Comment Period: April 22, 2016 through May 02, 2016 


Flood Hazard Risk Reduction Program


Sandy Special Needs Housing Fund    


Restoration of Multifamily Housing (FRM) Projects         


State Revolving Funds Projects 


Blue Acres Programs 


Low and Moderate Income (LMI) Program

Proposed project is located at 14West3rdSt_Moonachie_BergenCounty, NJ (Bergen County)

LMI0001673R_ROFFinalFloodplainNotice English

LMI0001673R_RROFFinalFloodplainNotice Spanish

Public Comment Period: April 29 2016 through May 09, 2016 

Proposed project is located at 18S_WestAve_BeachHaven_OceanCounty, NJ (Ocean County)

LMI0002088MF NOI-RROF English Notice

LMI0002088MF NOI-RROF Notice Spanish

Public Comment Period: April 29 2016 through May 09, 2016 


For all public comments please email