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Jersey Bred Program

he Jersey Bred logo will permit New Jersey farmers who raise horses or 4-H market lambs in New Jersey to use the “Jersey Bred” logo on marketing their animals. Like the rest of the United States, New Jersey has experienced a dramatic decline in the number of livestock farms.

The industry continues to undergo a structural change of increased production with fewer animals on fewer farms. The challenge to livestock farmers in the Garden State is the higher cost of conducting business in a suburban environment. Generally, production costs per farm are higher in New Jersey than in New York or Pennsylvania. This places New Jersey livestock farmers at a clear disadvantage vis-à-vis with farmers in neighboring states.

The use of the “ Jersey Bred” logo will permit New Jersey farmers to make New Jersey horses and 4-H market lambs more visible and promote the viability of the industry because it identifies the availability of a product that many believe to be superior.

Click here for the Jersey Bred Logo Program Application.

For more information about the Jersey Bred Program, please call the Division of Marketing and Development at (609) 913-6514.

Last Updated: 01/27/2021

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