The Agricultural Mediation Program is designed to help farmers and others resolve agriculture-related disputes quickly, amicably, and in a cost-effective manner. The program can help with the following issues:

  • Farmer-neighbor and Right to Farm issues - (farmers, neighbors, local governments)
  • USDA program issues - (farmers, USDA agencies)
  • Agricultural credit issues - (farmers, lenders, creditors)
  • Lease issues - related to leasing land, equipment, livestock, storage facilities, farm buildings, solar energy generation facilities, and other items - (farmers, others)
  • Farm transition issues – within a family or between unrelated people, and that occur at any point in (before, during, after) a farm transition, transfer, or succession process - (farmers, family members, business partners, others)
  • Other issues - as appropriate for better serving the agricultural community

Mediation is voluntary, confidential, free, and generally only takes a meeting or two to complete. Mediation also can save farmers and others significant time and legal fees, as mediation is an alternative to formal processes such as the USDA appeals process, Right to Farm complaint and public hearing process, and others.

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