The process for requesting mediation is easy. If you are interested in using mediation for a USDA, Right to Farm, agricultural credit, or other issue, the first step in the process is completing a short, two-page mediation request form and sending it in to the Agricultural Mediation Program.

Each form has the same basic sections where you: list the person(s) with whom you have a dispute and are requesting mediation; briefly describe the situation; and list any other individuals you would like to include in the mediation (any agricultural expert, a spouse, an employee, an attorney, or someones else).

Request mediation

To request mediation, complete and return one the forms below: 

After receiving your form, Program staff will follow up with you and the other party.

Note: The Program may also be used to help resolve other general agricultural disputes that fit within the program's regulations, e.g., agricultural lease issues, farm transition issues, and other farmer-neighbor issues. To request mediation regarding these or other general agricultural issues, use the request form below.