For more information on the mediation program, see the New Jersey Agricultural Mediation Program Handbook and the links and resources below.

General program information

To receive a printed copy of the handbook, contact us at, and we'll send you a copy in the mail.

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Request forms

To request mediation, complete and return one of the following forms:

Note: The program may also be used to help resolve other general agricultural disputes, provided the issues fit within the scope of the program's regulations. To request mediation regarding general agricultural issues, use the following form:

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Agricultural organizations

Being familiar with agricultural organizations in New Jersey may be helpful in the event of an agriculture-related dispute. For more information, see the links below and the resources section of the New Jersey Agricultural Mediation Program Handbook.

USDA Agencies

Agricultural Organizations in New Jersey


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Additional resources

  • New Jersey Agricultural Mediation Program Factsheet (Rutgers Coopertive Extension)
  • USDA Agricultural Mediation Program Factsheet
  • Coalition of Agricultural Mediation Programs (CAMP) Website 
  • Mediation Success Stories Publication
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