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Rockingham Historic Site Overview

Newburgh Aug. 18th. 1783
...I shall set off for Princeton tomorrow...I carry my baggage with me, it being the desire of Congress that I should remain till the arrival of the Definitive every day expected.
- (General) George Washington to his nephew George Augustine Washington

Step inside the home where General Washington officially forfeited a kingdom for a new republic.

As the Revolutionary War came to a close with the signing of the Treaty of Paris in later 1783, General George Washington headquartered at the Berrien Home, known as Rockingham, while Congress met in nearby Princeton. Come and learn about his “Farewell Orders to the Armies,” written here, in which he expressed his deep admiration and appreciation of the Continental Army, acknowledging their accomplishments and many hardships and, most importantly, turned aside from the great power he had been given as commander in chief, allowing the newly minted United States to develop as a democracy.

For more details and program information, visit the Official Friends’ Group website, The Rockingham Association.

First known as the Berrien Mansion, the house is preserved and interpreted as the temporary residence of George and Martha Washington. Physically relocated three times since 1896, Rockingham Historic Site maintains a fine collection of 18th-century furnishings and Washington military reproductions.

Rockingham's fourth location consists of 27 acres. The mansion has been restored and painted in colors particular to colonial times, some of which are authentic. The kitchen wing has been rebuilt with materials such as red oak beams and an 18th-century kitchen garden has been planted. There are several outbuildings including a Dutch barn with period frame and an apple orchard to bring the site closer to how it appeared at the time of Washington’s occupancy.

The site features guided tours of the historic mansion. There is also a children's museum which can be used with school programming, including reproduction clothing to try on, games, toys and household items.

The History-to-Go! program includes rental of 3 baskets of various items including clothing, games, toys, household items, military equipment, books, a site DVD, and other goods. Contact site for more info.

Off-site outreach programming may be available upon request.

Activities such as outdoor hearth cooking, basket making and musket drilling are demonstrated during special events held on the grounds, including a celebration of Washington's Birthday, a Children’s Day, a holiday Candlelight Tour and varied educational and entertaining presentations in the barn. Past programming has included kitchen garden tours, historic scavenger hunt, ice-cream making demonstrations, music and dance, Meet John Adams, The General Settles In, talks on tea, the reconstruction of the Dutch barn, colonial home remedies, 18th-century women’s roles and Washington’s aides-de-Camp.

Tour Size
Due to house constraints, limited to ten (10) people on a first-come basis, no reservation. All organized groups and any group of eleven people (11) or more must make a reservation at least one (1) month in advance. Please call the site (609-683-7132) to schedule. The tour includes the first and second floor of the historic house. When booking, if possible, or at least at arrival for the tour, please inform the docent of inability to climb the stairs and accommodation will be made to the best of our ability.

Facilities for People with Disabilities
Rockingham is partially accessible for persons with disabilities. There is handicap parking in the parking lot. However, if walking will be too difficult through the woods and approximately 100 yards to the house, please call the site 609-683-7132 for information regarding closer access.

For the Comfort and Enjoyment of All
Smoking, food and beverages are not permitted in the House. Interior photography, videotaping or audio taping are also not permitted. Though there are no barriers in the rooms, please refrain from touching or leaning on furnishings and historic structural elements—seating is provided if needed. Your cooperation will help ensure the survival of the museum collections for the enjoyment and education of future generations.

  • Keep your historic site / park and surrounding property clean and green! Protect this site by taking your trash with you. Whatever you carry into the site, plan on carrying it out too. Bring a bag or two for trash, recycling and cleaning up after your pet. There are no trash receptacles at this site. Thank you!
  • No Smoking on NJ State Park Service Property. Pursuant to N.J.P.L.2005, c.383 (C.26:3D-56)
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at state historic sites [ N.J.A.C. 7:2-2.6]
  • The collection or removal of any object from State Park property is prohibited without written permission from the Superintendent.
  • Use of metal detecting devices on or unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) on or over the property is not permitted without a special use permit (SUP) from the State historic site / park.
  • Commercial photography is not permitted on the property without a special use permit (SUP) from the historic site / park.
  • Interior photography, videotaping or audio taping are not permitted in the historic structure / visitor center / museum, except by prior written permission and for educational purposes only.
  • Non-commercial photography is permitted on the property (outside), but please help preserve the historic site / park and any surrounding property by not attaching anything to, climbing or sitting on historic structures and features or disturbing any plants, wild or cultivated. Photography may not interfere with other visitors to the historic site / park or impede site operations.
  • Food and beverages; pets/animals, except for service animals, are not permitted in the historic structure / visitor center / museum.
  • Please refrain from touching objects/furnishings in and building components of historic structures and museums, except where invited to do so by staff.

Please contact this historic site / park with specific inquiries about any of these restrictions, as there may be some variations at this specific historic site / park.

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Phone Number

84 Laurel Avenue
Franklin Twp., NJ 08528

Mailing Address
PO Box 496
84 Laurel Avenue
Kingston, NJ 08528

Historic Site Hours

Grounds Hours Grounds are open to the public from dawn to dusk.

Tour Hours
The historic house is OPEN for tours by reservation. ​

Please visit the Visitor Information page for information about current and upcoming programming and tours offered at the site. Be aware that you must pre-register for the tours and that face coverings are required when entering any building including the house or barn.

Historic Site Fees

Entrance Fee None

Tour Fees
Walk-ins: free (first come, first served; tours limited to ten people per tour) but donations always appreciated.
Group fees: $1 age 6-12; $3 age 13 & up
All organized groups and ANY group of ten or more must reserve at least one month ahead of time.

Other Related Fees
Map / Directions

GPS Coordinates
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