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2004 Insurance Enforcement Activity

Final Orders Penalty
American Association of Insurance Agency, Inc.
Biggins, Wilmar
Fine: $5,000
Restitution: $24
Costs: $700
B & B Bail Bonds
Hrdlicka, Raymond Wayne
Medini, Timothy
Fine: $33,000
Costs: $875
Bellissima, Jerome L. Revocation
Costs: $400
Bowser III, Edward T. Revocation
Fine: $7,000
Restitution: $5,008.75
Costs: $225
Capital Bonding Corporation
Smith, Vincent J.
Fine: $1.2 million
Costs: $2,525
Crispo, Michael A. Revocation
Fine: $11,250
Costs: $287.50
Del Sol (Suarez), Zoila
Goncalves, Carlos
Goncalves and Associates
Costs: $312.50
Ivanow, Alex Revocation
Fine: $36,000
Restitution: $47,000
Costs: $675
Ladas, Peter A. Revocation
Fine: $5,000
Restitution: $301,304
Paneque, Rene Revocation
Fine: $9,000
Restitution: $11,076.25
Costs: $2,250
Winberg, Michael G. Fine: $22,000
Costs: $237.50
Restitution: $15,337
Consent Orders Penalty
AFC Insurance Inc
Lear, Susan K.
Algieri, Jennifer C. $1,000
Allstate Life Insurance Co. $15,000
AON Risk Services Inc $10,000
Arch Specialty Insurance Co $1,000
Arocho, Danny
VIP Bail Bonds
Arthur Gallagher & Co. of New York Inc
Casella, Robert J.
Avemco Insurance Co $2,500
Brown, Bradley D
MGT Property & Casualty Inc.
Southern Hospitality Underwriters
Brucker Jr., John $250
Bynum, Stacey $500
Capital Assurance Group, LLC $250
Chenet, Carl $250
Chernin, Robert B. $500
Chestnutt, Jason R. $250
Cincinnati Life Insurance Co. Order adopting Ohio Consent Order
Hinrichs, David W.
Shelley, McKeen
Cocuzza, David $250
Coleman, Wilfred W. $250
Columbia Casualty Insurance Co $500
Consumer First Insurance Co. $5,000
Continental Insurance Co $2,000
Convery, John
Triarco Organization Inc
Civil Penalty: $15,000
Costs: $500
Crump Insurance
Hagan, Philip
Baker, Athena
Crystal, James W
Frank Crystal & Co.

Cunningham, Michael B.
Veale, Patrick James
William Gallagher Associates Insurance Brokers, Inc.
William Gallagher Associates Insurance Brokers, Inc. of New Jersey

Curtis Jr., William .
Porter, Kenneth .
Porter & Curtis, LLC
Davies,Thomas S $1,000
Diamond State Insurance Co. $25,000
Electric Insurance Co. $2,000
Enokida, Kazuhisa $250
Essex Insurance Co. $1,000
Evanston Insurance Co. $5,000
Executive Risk Specialty $3,000
Fabian, Samuel Fine: $15,000
Costs: $5,000
Fernandez, Jose $250
Fidelity Security Life Insurance Co. $ 750
First Jersey Casualty Co., Inc. $2,000
Fishman, Yale M. $1,000
Forlenza, Einhorn
Forlenza, John
Hayes, Barbara M.
Fraser, Clyde $500
Fulton, F. Dudley
Henderson & Phillips, Inc.
Galla, Richard G.
R.J. Galla Co., Inc.
Garra, Victor C. $250
General Star Indemnity Co. $5,000
Generazio Associates Inc.
Chierico, Michele Generazio
Generazio, John A.


Goldberg, Judith $500
Greenberg, Jason $500
Greenfader, Gary $500
Gueh, Dekpah $ 250
Gulf Underwriters Insurance Co. $5,000
Hall Conway Jackson Inc.
Newman, Dwight D.
Haner, Nancy $250
Hanover Insurance Co. $40,000
Harrison, William
Willis Corroon Construction Services Corp.
Fine: $3,000
Costs: $500
Hartan Brokerage Inc.
Pray, Edward B.
Heer, Joseph Bernhard
Alfred A. Gelfond and Co.
Fine: $2,500
Probation: 18 months
Hessing, Sigmar
The Walnut Advisory Corp.
Hudson, Joseph P.
Healthcare Risk Solutions, LLC
Hylant, Patrick R.
Hylant MacLean
Illinois Union Insurance Co. $1,000
Indian Harbor Insurance Co. $500
James A. Connors Associates, Inc.
Connors, James A.
Robertson, Laura L.
Sachs, Thomas W.

Khan, Malcolm M. $2,500
Lejfer, Jeffrey S.
XL Environment, Inc.
Leovigildo, Binaday B. $500
Lexington Insurance Co. Fine: $30,000
Costs: $15,000
Lexington Insurance Co. $500
Liberty Surplus Insurance Corp. $500
Lloyd's (Certain Underwriters) $20,000
Lucci, Thomas A.
National Commercial Insurance Services Agency, Inc.
Lucius, Charles E. $500
Machon, Kirke R.
Machon & Machon, Inc.
Markowitz, Mitchell Revocation
McAlear Associates, Inc. $750
McLeod, Gwynette
Robert McIntyre Insurance Inc.
Melita, Charles Suspension
Moore, Franklin D. $500
Mt. Hawley Insurance Co. $1,000
Nanda, A. Kris $5,000
$500 reimbursement
Nash, Lisa W.
Kenco Insurance Agency, Inc.
Norfolk and Dedham Mutual Fire Insurance Co. $2,000
Oxford Health Plans (New Jersey) Inc. $40,000
Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd. $1,500
Foster, Kim C.
Parker Stevens Agency
Pennock Insurance Agency Inc. $5,000
Phoenix Underwriting Managers Inc. $250
Radie O'Connor, Barbara Reinstatement
Redlinger, Donald $5,000
Roberts, Harold $250
Rocco, John A.
John A. Rocco Co., Inc.
Rosenthal, Richard J. $250
Royal Specialty $1,000
Royal Surplus Lines Insurance Co. $1,000
Sanabria, Miguel A. Fine: $15,000
Restitution: $4,211.84
Satisfaction of Judgment: $3,883
Costs: $2,500
Schiff, H. Gerald $500
Selective Insurance Co. of America $25,000
Shelby Casualty Insurance Co. $15,000
Smith, Eugene $2,500
Smith, Gary M.
SCS Agency, Inc.
Spath, Susan $3,500
Spillert, Michael J. $10,000
State Farm Indemnity Co. $35,000
Steadfast Insurance Co. $15,000
Steidle Financial Group
Steidle, Keith
Stewart Smith East Inc. $750
Stewart Smith of New England $750
Stewart Smith Southeast Inc. $750
Stewart Smith West Inc. $750
Szerlip, David Ira
David Szerlip & Associates Inc.
Theodore Liftman Insurance Inc. $1,000
Tracy, Martin G.
Professional Risk Management Services, Inc.
Tri City
Jennings, John Francis
United Healthcare Insurance Co. $5,000
United Risk Management Services
Wolnski, William T.
Transportation Insurance Corp.
t/a TIC Brokerage Services
Valentino, Robert A.
Apex Insurance Services of IL Inc.
Vanore Sr., Joseph A. $1,000
Verissimo, Augusto V. $250
Wallace, Amy L. $500
Washington Street Insurance Group
Romanek, Pamela A.
$ 500
Weitz, Edward L. $1,000
Westrope, Kevin T. $500
Whalen, Peter J.
Whalen Insurance Agency, Inc.
Wilkins, Charles A. $500
Willis Construction Services $750
Willis North America Inc. $750
Willis of Maryland Inc. $750
Willis of New Jersey Inc. $750
Willis of New York Inc. $750
Willis of Tennessee $750
Yanoff, Glenn $250

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