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2005 Insurance Enforcement Activity

Final Orders Penalty
Bellissima, Jerome Revocation
Fine: $5,000
Boyd, Shelly N. Revocation
Fine: $6,500
Costs: $600
Bozzi, Donald C. Fine: $28,000
Costs: $250
Hale, Bernadette Revocation
Fine: $70,000
Costs: $512.50
Restitution: $60,540.18
Hall, Jeffrey C. Fine: $35,000
Costs: $1,137.50
King, Joshua Fine: $1,000
Costs: $425
Lawhun, David
Trinity Title Agency, Inc.
Fine: $90,000
Costs: $ 950
Restitution: $ 3,958.88

Landolfi, Joseph A

Lehr, William H. Fine: $1,000
Costs: $500
Morton, Ateasha L. Fine: $32,000
Costs: $625
Nasir, Muhammed A. Fine: $17,000
Costs: $700
Ryan IV, Leo Revocation
Fine: $20,000
Costs: $750
Stephan, Diana L. (a)
Stephan Jr., Thomas J. (b)
Revocation (both)
Fine: $5,000 (a) and $10,000 (b)
Costs: $1,950 (a)
Restitution: $11,389.38
Tarlowe, Bruce R. Revocation
Fine: $5,000
Costs: $1,000
Consent Orders Penalty
Abaza, Aly H. Fine: $250
Acordia Northeast, Inc.
Karim, Bibi R.
Fine: $900
Fine: $900

Acordia Northeast, Inc. (NJ)
Acordia Northeast, Inc. (PA)
Kenny, Kevin T.
Susco, Mark F.

Fine: $500
Fine: $500
Acordia of Ohio, LLC
Liles Jr., Hall B.
Fine: $500
Affiliated Mortgage Protection, LLC
Wood & Company, Inc.
Goldberg, Matthew A.
Liscio, Thomas A.
Fine: $10,000
AIG Warranty Services and Insurance Agency, Inc. Fine: $ 250
All Statewide Agency, Inc.

Browne, Sandy S.
Laderman, Elvia
Palermo, Danielle
Rivera, Lucy
Schwartz, Laraine E.
Winograd, Ruth
Winograd, Steven D.
Restitution: $86,000
Fine: $45,000
Fine: $5,000
Alvarez, Mauricio J. Fine: $250
American Agency, Inc. Fine: $250
American International Specialty Lines Insurance Co. Fine: $13,000
American Program Underwriters, Inc.
Titus, James Edward
Fine: $4,000
American Security Insurance Co.
Standard Guaranty Insurance Co.
Union Security Life Insurance Co.
Fine: $ 25,000
Costs: $ 50,000
Restitution: $ 1.7 million
Anderson, Noel J. Fine: $250
Anthony M. Costello Insurance Agency, Inc
Costello Sr., Anthony M.
Fine: $5,000
Costs: $2,500
Arch Specialty Insurance Co. Fine: $1,500
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. of Glendale
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. of New Jersey
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. of New York
Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. of California
Gallagher Pipino Inc.
MDM & Associates Inc.
Duran, Denis B.
Henderson, Jerry F.
McIntyre, Marguerite F.
Olsen, Dennis G.
Pipino, Mary T.
Fine: $ 300
Fine: $6,900
Fine: $1,500
Fine: $ 300
Fine: $ 600
Fine: $ 300
Fine: $1,200
Fine: $1,800
Fine: $1,200
Fine: $6,900
Fine: $ 300
Fine: $ 300
B.A. Barrick & Co.
Barrick, Brian A.
Fine: $1,500
Badler, Stuart Fine: $250
Bates, Thomas C. Fine: $500
Beesley, Kelly G. Fine: $250
Bhangoo, Tajinder K. Fine: $250
Bickler, Vincent R. Revocation
Fine - $5,000
Bixby, Douglas F. Fine: $250
Blaustein, Stanley L.
Munroe, Eric J.
Taylor, Kim Elizabeth
Willis of New Jersey, Inc.
Willis of New York, Inc.
Willis of Pennsylvania, Inc
Fine: $ 21,300
Bode, Kevin S. Fine: $500
Bramwell, David G. Fine: $250
Business Risk Partners Fine: $250
Cagliostro, Lawrence P. Fine: $250
Calzado, Ramonita Fine: $250
Carney, Barnett N. Fine: $2,500
Costs: $1,000
Chicago Title Insurance Co. Fine: $ 500
Cleveland, Robert B. $250
Commonwealth Insurance Co. $4,500
Commonwealth Life Insurance Co. Fine: $ 5,000
Condos,James G Revocation
Cooney, Rickard & Curtin of IL, Inc.
Curtin, Thomas J.
Turner, Timothy W.
CRC Insurance Services, Inc.
Wood & Company, Inc.
Fine: $3,250
Coulter Insurance Services
Coulter, Jessica S.
Fine: $50,000
Restitution: $51,480.90
Coverage, Inc. Fine: $250
Davidson, Arthur M. Revocation
Dom's 2nd Chance Auto, Inc. Fine: $ 50,000
Costs: $ 10,000
Restitution: $ 22,275
Duca, Christopher Fine: $250
Engelke, Kevin R. Fine: $500
F.J. Wilkes, Inc.
Kramer, Margaret A.
Stanton, Richard

Fine: $40,000

Fine: $5,000

Fish, John P. Fine: $2,500
Gardner, Christopher B. Fine: $250
Gentilini, Kathleen D. Fine: $250
Gilbert, Mary K. Fine: $250
Gisonna, Christopher Fine: $ 500
Gomiller, Shirl Fine: $5,000
Costs: $412.50
Gordon, Randee L. Fine: $250
Greenberg, Menachem M. Revocation
Restitution: $3,870
Fine: $1,500
Health Insurance Brokers of GA, LLC
Health Insurance Brokers of IL, LLC
Ross, James Curtis
Fine: $16,025
Hughes, Martin P. Fine - $1,500
Joseph Greenfield Insurance Agency, Inc.
Greenfield, Joseph
Katuran, Harvey L. Fine: $500
Larkin, Robert W. Suspended
Fine: $10,000
Larsen, Lance Robert Fine: $250
Layton, Karen S. Fine: $250
Levine, James A. Fine: $500
Lexington Insurance Co. Fine: $ 3,000
Restitution: $ 12,500
LJM Insurance Agency, Inc. Fine: $250
Locasio, Anthony E. Fine: $ 2,500
Lowery, Linda A. Fine: $ 5,000
Mack, Robert T. Fine: $5,000
Malek, Raafat Abdel Suspension
Maloney, Joseph Fine: $2,500
Manzo, Ronald A. Divested Ownership in Agency
Martprana, Peter M. Fine: $ 1,000
McCorry, Jeanne C. $1,000
Mehra, Vivek Fine: $ 250
Moore, James T. Fine: $750
Morris, Lindsey J. Fine: $250
Nanne, Erica Revocation
Fine: $ 5,000
Restitution: $ 4,863
National Association Services Administrators
French, Kenneth J.
Fine: $1,500
North American Capacity Insurance Co. Fine: $ 750
Peachtree Special Risks Brokers, LLC Fine: $ 1,000
Pelletier, Gary W. Fine: $250
Pillari, Philip J. Fine: $250
Pladeck Associates, Inc.
Bates, Stacy A.
Ross, Douglas D. Revocation
Restitution: $29,642.64
Rivers, Linda C.
Sargent, Robert T.
Tennant Risk Services, Inc.
Sarris Financial Group, Inc.
Fetter, Jane
Sarris, Anthony J.
Sarris Sr., Emmanuel L.
Costs: $2,000*
Fine: $2,000
Fine: $2,000
Fine: $34,000 * (both parties)
Schiappa, Lindsay B M Fine: $500
Seneca Insurance Co. Restitution: $47,256.10
Fine: $25,000
Spath, Ross H. Revocation
Fine: $ 31,500
Stier, Robert Revocation
Fine: $ 5,000
Costs: $ 337.50
Thompson, Michael Joseph Fine: $250
Title Solutions of America Agency, Inc.
Pascale, Robin A.
Fine: $1,000
Total Risk Management, Inc.
Nelson, George H.
Fine: $3,000
United Dental Care, Inc. $500
United National Insurance Co. Fine: $ 1,000
Untracht, Gary H. Revocation
Costs: $ 250
Utain, David I. Fine: $2,500
Vasconcelos, Rita A. Fine: $250
Vorbach, Charles J. Fine: $500
Welch, Todd W. Fine: $250
Westchester Surplus Lines Insurance Co. Fine: $1,500
Willis Insurance Services of California, Inc.
Willis of Massachusetts, Inc.
Fine: $1,000
Winograd, Morris Restitution: $70,000
Wise Funding Corporation $250
Wolnski, William T. Suspended
Young Agency, Inc.
Young, Jeffrey R.
Fine: $1,000
Ziegler, Judith A. Fine: $ 500
Zimmerman, Mark A. Fine: $250
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