Reservoirs in the DRB
DRB Reservoir Map

Reservoirs in the Delaware River Basin are all located on tributaries & play a key role in flow management.

This map shows the locations of major reservoirs in the Delaware River Basin. View as pdf.

Map showing the locations of major reservoirs in the Delaware River Basin.


Reservoir Uses & Storage Studies

Reservoirs in the DRB are used for the following purposes (some are multi-purpose):

  • Water Supply

  • Hydroelectric Power

  • Flood control 

  • Recreation

Reservoir Storage Studies:

Major DRB Reservoirs: New York City

New York City Delaware River Basin Reservoirs:

  • Cannonsville Reservoir

  • Pepacton Reservoir

  • Neversink Reservoir

These reservoirs, owned/operated by New York City, are located in the Delaware River Basin's headwaters in New York.

Through the Delaware River Master (a USGS position), releases from these reservoirs are made to meet the Montague, N.J. flow target of 1,750 cfs.

Storage levels in these reservoirs drive the DRBC's basin-wide drought management plan.

DRBC works closely with the River Master and others to monitor storage in these three reservoirs.

DRBC Provides NYC DRB Reservoir Storage Info:

Delaware Aqueduct to Shut Down for Repairs: October 2022 2023

The NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection has announced a planned shutdown of the Delaware Aqueduct in October 2023 until the spring of 2024. The shutdown was originally scheduled to start Oct. 2022, but in June 2022, it was announced that the project will be delayed by one year.

Major DRB Reservoirs: U.S. Army Corps

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Reservoirs:

More information on these reservoirs can be found on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers website.

DRBC owns water supply storage in two Corps' reservoirs, Beltzville and Blue Marsh, which are located in the Lehigh and Schuylkill sub-basins respectively; this storage is utilized to meet the Trenton, N.J. flow target of 3,000 cfs. Storage levels in these reservoirs drive the commission's lower basin drought operating plan.  

Other Major DRB Reservoirs

Merrill Creek Reservoir was built by a consortium of power companies in order to provide water releases in times of drought to make up for their consumptive use.

Storage in the Marsh Creek Reservoir, located in Chester County, Pa., is used to support in-stream flow management in the Brandywine Creek.

In times of drought emergency, (view map as pdf), DRBC can call for an additional 69 billion gallons (BG) of water for flow augmentation from several other basin reservoirs:

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