Drought Information
Basin State Drought Status

DRBC Drought Plan vs. State Plans

  • The DRBC's drought operating plan, which is designed for managing regional storage, complements the plans of the states which respond to local water supply conditions.

  • State drought plans look at factors such as precipitation amounts, soil moisture, streamflows, groundwater levels and local reservoir storage. 

State-Declared Drought in the DRB

NEW! On January 23, 2024, the Pa. Department of Environmental Protection updated its drought declarations for the Commonwealth. While a few Pa. counties remain in drought watch or drought warning, the five Pa. Delaware River Basin (DRB) counties that were in drought watch have been removed. The entire DRB is in normal conditions (no drought).

View PADEP News Release (issued 1/26/24)

Map of State Issued Drought Status for the DRB.
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New Jersey
New York