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School Ethics Commission Decisions 2000-2004

The following list is in chronological order. If you know the name of a particular case you are looking for, or of any party it involves, use the "Find" feature of the "Edit" menu to search the list.

The decisions are in Adobe PDF (version 3.0) format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3.0 or higher to view them. Be sure to read the instructions that come with the reader carefully for information on viewing and printing documents.

LEIDNER V. KUCHTYAK, Woodbridge, Middlesex County, C11-99, 1/31/00

I/M/O SCHWENGER & KNORR, Galloway, Atlantic County, C12-99, 1/31/00

VILLA V. GUTIERREZ, New Brunswick, Middlesex County, C13-99, 1/31/00

I/M/O BRUCE WHITE, Ewing, Mercer County, C18/C22-99, 1/31/00
» Commissioner’s Decision

BYRD ET AL. V. PAGE, Pleasantville, Atlantic County, C21-99, 2/22/00

BROOKS V. CECCHINI, Palmyra, Burlington County, C19-99, 3/28/00

» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O FREDERICK CONFESSORE, Harrison, Hudson County, C17-99, 4/25/00
» Commissioner’s Decision

CURIONI et al. V. BALDINO and CAPIZZI, Lodi, Bergen County, C23/C25-99, 4/25/00

TULLO V. CAPRIGLIONE, Pinelands Regional District, Ocean County, C15-99, 5/23/00

I/M/O MARTIN AROCHO, New Brunswick, Middlesex County, C16-99, 5/23/00
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O ALEXANDER SIPOS, Garfield, Bergen County, C20-99, 5/23/00
» Commissioner’s Decision

REGGIO ET AL. V. RANDAZZO & STEAD, Berlin Borough, Camden County, C24-99, 5/23/00

THORNHILL V. SCOTT, East Orange, Essex County, C03-99, 6/27/00

ORDINI & WHITE V. VICKNER, Ewing, Mercer County, C01/C02-00, 6/27/00

SANTIAGO V. ATALLO, Paterson, Passaic County, C06-00, 7/25/00

WALKER V. HOSLEY and MARTIN, Lincoln Park, Morris County,C15-97, 7/25/00

I/M/O ANTONIO CIRILLO, Moonachie, Bergen County, C26-99A, 9/27/00
» Commissioner’s Decision

MORALES V. JAMES CAMPBELL, Moonachie, Bergen County, C26-99B, 9/27/00

I/M/O PATRICIA HAINES, Haddonfield, Camden County, C07-00, 9/27/00
» Commissioner’s Decision

HOLLAND-NOVINS V. BLOCK, Central Regional, Ocean County, C03-00, 10/24/00

BASS V. COLEMAN, Willingboro, Burlington County, C04-00, 10/24/00

McGHEE V. McGHEE and RICCI, Jersey City, Hudson County, C08-00, 11/28/00

McGAVIN V. ANTHONY, Hoboken, Hudson County, C11-00, 12/19/00

ORBAN V. ROSEVEAR, North Brunswick, Middlesex County, C12-00, 12/19/00

RODRIGUEZ V. HIGHLANDS BOE, Highlands, Middlesex County, C13-00, 1/23/01

HANZEL ET AL. V. ACHEE, Woodstown-Pilesgrove BOE, Salem County, C10-00, 1/23/01 (amended)

HANZEL V. ACHEE, Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional, Salem County, C09-01, 4/24/01

LOPRESTI V. LINDHART-MAZER, Randolph, Morris County, C08-01, 5/22/01

NOE V. MANOES, Keansburg, Monmouth County, C05-01, 6/26/01

NOE V. BARTRAM, Keansburg, Monmouth County, C07-01, 6/26/01

I/M/O ROSEMARY JACKSON, Camden City, Camden County, C11-01, 6/26/01
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O BRUCE WHITE, Ewing Township, Mercer County, C01-01, 6/26/01
» Commissioner’s Decision

HODGES V. BALL, Lakehurst, Ocean County, C15-01, 7/24/01

SOOY V. PEDDLE & CARPENTER, Pennsville, Salem County, C24-01, 8/28/01

SOOY V. PEDDLE, Pennsville, Salem County, C25-01, 8/28/01

I/M/O SARA DAVIS, Camden City, Camden County, C10-01, 9/25/01

DIGLIO V. DUNLEAVY, Sussex County Technical School, C14-01, 9/25/01

KEARNS V. GAGLIARDI, Hoboken, Hudson County, C19-01, 9/25/01

KOLODZIEJ V. PERKINS, Clifton, Passaic County, C28-01, 9/25/01

KOLODZIEJ V. KURNATH, Clifton, Passaic County, C27-01, 9/25/01

KEARNS V. ANTHONY, Hoboken, Hudson County, C18-01A, 10/23/01

MAYNARD V. GLINSMAN, Asbury Park, Monmouth County, C30-01, 10/23/01

I/M/O JAMES CARPENTER, Pennsville, Salem County, C21/C22-01, 11/27/01
» Commissioner’s Decision

LYDEN V. WALSH, Middletown, Monmouth County, C16-01, 11/27/01

RICE & NUNEZ V. GALLAGHER, Atlantic City, Atlantic County, C31-01, 12/18/01

FENICHEL V. HARTSOUGH, Ocean City, Cape May, C33-01, 12/18/01

DIAZ V. BARKER, Passaic, Passaic County, C29-01, 1/22/02

VICKNER V. ORDINI, Ewing Township, Mercer County, C34-01, 1/22/02

I/M/O MICHELE RUSSO, Hoboken, Hudson County, C18-01, 2/26/02
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O EDWARD VICKNER, Ewing Township, Mercer County, C36-01, 5/28/02
» Commissioner’s Decision

PETRILLO & COSTELLO V. ALEXANDER, Pemberton, Burlington County, C02-02, 5/28/02

VALDES V. JOHNSON, Union City, Hudson County, C03-02, 6/25/02

TAYLOR V. MASOL, Barnegat, Ocean County, C04-02, 6/25/02

I/M/O LORRAINE DUNCKLEY, Denville Board of Education, Morris County, C37-01, 7/23/02
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O JUDY FERRARO, Keansburg, Monmouth County, C04-01, 7/23/02
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O HUGH GALLAGHER, Keansburg, Monmouth County, C03-01, 7/23/02
» Commissioner’s Decision

FELDMAN V. AMBRUS, Branchburg, Somerset County, C05-02, 7/23/02

FREEMAN V. JACKSON, Camden City, Camden County, C18-02, 8/27/02

CARPENTER & RUGGIERO V. SEVERINO & CRUDELLO, Bogota, Bergen County, C24-02, 9/24/02

CARTERET EDUCATION ASSOCIATION V. LOUTFY et al., Carteret, Middlesex County, C07-02, 9/24/02

GRAHAM V. ROMAN, East Newark, Hudson County, C25-02, 10/29/02

MACINA V. FRIEDBERGER et al., Rockaway, Morris County, C13/C14/C15-02, 10/29/02

I/M/O VINCE ORDINI, Ewing Township, Mercer County, C11-02/C20-02, 10/29/02
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O SARA DAVIS and ROSEMARY JACKSON, Camden City, Camden County, C08-02, 11/26/02
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O FRANK PIZZICHILLO, Fairview, Bergen County, Docket No. C17-02, 1/28/03
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O ABDI GASS, Chesilhurst, Camden County, C10-02, 1/28/03
» Commissioner’s Decision

DOTY V. FRIEDBERGER et al., Rockaway, Morris County, C34-02, 1/28/03

DOTY V. FRIEDBERGER et al., Rockaway, Morris County, C38-02, 1/28/03

DOTY V. FRIEDBERGER et al., Rockaway, Morris County, C40-02, 1/28/03

MANNING et al. V. GRAVES, Pleasantville, Atlantic County, C23-02, 1/28/03

I/M/O DENISE SCHMIDT, Berlin, Camden County, C01-02, 2/25/03
» Commissioner’s Decision

WILLIAMS V. LAWRENCE, Pinelands Regional, Ocean County, C32-02, 2/25/03

FITZPATRICK V. CENTRAL REG. BD. OF ED. MEMBERS, Ocean County, C35-02, 2/25/03

SZILAGYI V. MAIELLO, Wanaque, Passaic County, C37-02, 3/25/03

CHAPPELL V. BRYANT, Pleasantville, Atlantic County, C45-02, 3/25/03

MANEY V. THORTON, Bridgewater-Raritan, Somerset County, C46-02, 3/25/03

MONTGOMERY V. PALMER, Asbury Park, Monmouth County, C51-02, 3/25/03

I/M/O FAYE BALL, Ewing Township, Mercer County, C12-02, 3/25/03
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O MARY ADAMS, Fairfield, Cumberland County, C44-02, 5/1/03
» Commissioner’s Decision

ALSTON V. DUDA et al., Delran, Burlington County, C42-02, 5/1/03

GOODE V. HAZELDINE, Keansburg, Monmouth County, C41-02, 5/1/03

DICOLO V. DODSON, West Windsor-Plainsboro, Mercer County, C05-03, 5/27/03

MORELL V. MACGILLIS, Ridge & Valley Charter School, Warren County, C09-03, 6/24/03

INGEMI et al. V. CUNEO, Hammonton, Atlantic County, C47-02, 6/24/03

I/M/O JULIA HANKERSON, Woodbine, Cape May County, C36-02, 6/24/03
» Commissioner’s Decision

PHILLIPS V. STRECKENBEIN et al., Edgewater Park, Burlington, C19-03, 6/24/03

I/M/O THOMAS KEELEN, Keansburg, Monmouth County, C06-01, 6/24/03
» Commissioner’s Decision

LONG BRANCH SCHOOL EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION V. GRANT, Long Branch, Monmouth County, C15-03, 7/22/03

I/M/O JUAN SANTIAGO, Paterson, Passaic County, C01-03, 7/22/03
» Commissioner’s Decision

HANLON V. GROSS, Jackson, Ocean County, C14-03, 7/22/03

I/M/O RANDIE ZIMMERMAN, Rocky Hill, Somerset County, C49-02, 7/22/03
» Commissioner’s Decision

MORRELL V. McNULTY, Ridge and Valley Charter School, Warren County, C08-03, 8/26/03

VICKNER V. DUNHAM et al., Ewing, Mercer County, C18-03, 8/26/03

DOTY V. FRIEDBERGER, et al., Rockaway Township, Morris County, C22-03, 8/26/03

BARRY V. GANNON, et al., Montville, Morris County, C16-03, 8/26/03

I/M/O WILLIAM PATTERSON, Somerdale, Camden County, C11-03, 9/23/03

I/M/O RONALD UDY, et al, Woodstown-Pilesgrove, Salem County, C20/C21-03, 9/23/03
» Commissioner’s Decision

DOTY V. GIARRATANO et al., Rockaway Township, Morris County, C25-03, 9/23/03

I/M/O PAUL SCHAEDER, Golden Door Charter School, Hudson County, C03/C04/C06/C07/C12-03, 9/23/03
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O DR. JONATHAN HODGES, Paterson BOE, Passaic County, C13-03, 10/31/03
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O KROSCHWITZ AND STURGEON, Hamilton, Mercer County C29-03, 11/25/03
» Commissioner’s Decision

VENICE PARK CIVIC ASSN. V. HERZOG, et al, Atlantic City, Atlantic, C26-03, 11/25/03

SOLAR-SNYDER V. ROSE et al, Wantage BOE, Sussex County, C32-03, 12/16/03

JONES V. SCHAEDER et al, Golden Door Charter School, Hudson County, C28-03, 02/03/04

ATALLO V. JOHNSON, Paterson BOE, Passaic County, C34-03, 02/24/04

MASKALY, SR. V. CHEREPSKI et al, Carteret BOE, Middlesex County, C38-03, 02/24/04

MEADOWS V. ATALLO, Paterson BOE, Passaic County, C37-03, 02/24/04

LOUTFY et al V. SETAR, Carteret BOE, Middlesex County, C33-03, 02/24/04

I/M/O CHARLES FISCHER, Eatontown BOE, Monmouth County, C30-03, 02/24/04
» Commissioner’s Decision

FERRANTE V. WHITE, Ewing Township BOE, Mercer County, C36-03, 5/5/04

MEADOWS V. ATALLO, Paterson BOE, Passaic County, C37-03, 5/25/04

ATALLO V. SANTIAGO, Paterson BOE, Passaic County, C35-03, 6/22/04

I/M/O DINO PETTINELLI, Alpha BOE, Warren County, C01-04, 7/27/04
» Commissioner’s Decision

SANDERS V. SMITH, Asbury Park BOE, Monmouth County, C03-04, 7/27/04

I/M/O ALPHONSE A. DeMEO, Belleville BOE, Warren County, C09-04, 9/30/04
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O REMOND PALMER, Asbury Park BOE, Monmouth County, C11-04, 9/30/04
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O ANNE PIRILLO, Washington Township BOE, Gloucester County, C12-04, 9/30/04
» Commissioner’s Decision

CAREY V. McDEVITT, Pennsauken BOE, Burlington County, C14-04, 9/30/04

VOGEL V. MAGISTRO, East Brunswick BOE, Middlesex County, C20-04, 9/30/04

GLASS, et al. v. BURNO, Schomburg Charter School, Hudson County, C34-04, 9/30/04

GLASS, et al. v. POLITE-CABALLERO, Schomburg Charter School, Hudson County, C36-04, 9/30/04

GLASS, et al. v. FOWLKES, Schomburg Charter School, Hudson County, C37-04, 9/30/04

GLASS, et al. v. WHITE, SR., Schomburg Charter School, Hudson County, C38-04, 9/30/04

ESPOSITO V. GRIMSLEY, Roselle BOE, Union County, C29-04, 10/26/04

I/M/O JAMES DWYER, Bloomingdale BOE, Passaic County, C24-03, 10/26/04

TIMOTHY P. KLEIN V. SUE HOGATE, Elsinboro, Salem County, C33-04, 12/21/04

I/M/O DAVID HATCHETT, Schomburg Charter School, Hudson County, C35-04, 12/21/04
» Commissioner’s Decision

I/M/O CHRISTINA WENZEL, Saddle Brook, Bergen County, C46-04, 12/21/04
» Commissioner’s Decision

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