New Jersey Department of Education

Welcome to the Department of Education's school law decisions page. Here you will be able to access recent legal decisions of the Commissioner of Education, the State Board of Education, the School Ethics Commission and the State Board of Examiners. Also included are the cases decided by the panel of permanent arbitrators responsible for deciding TEACHNJ tenure cases and streamline tenure charges in charter schools. The decisions are in Adobe PDF format.

Commissioner, School Ethics Commission, and State Board of Examiner decisions are available from the starting date identified for each group through the month immediately preceding the present month.  State Board of  Education decisions are available from January 1997 through June 30, 2008, the date of the last State Board decision rendered prior to repeal of the statute providing for appeal of Commissioner, School Ethics Commission, and Board of Examiner decisions to the State Board.  The site will generally be updated during the first two weeks of each month to include the prior month's decisions. Until further notice, decisions will be retained at this site on a cumulative basis.

Please note that all of the decisions included in this site are appealable as noted in the prefatory comments to each section with the exception of streamline tenure charges in charter schools. Therefore, before relying on any decision as legal precedent, readers should check its appeal status.

For citation purposes, all decisions accessed through this site should be treated as slip opinions.


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