Attention College/University Governing Board Members
Executive Order #64 Conflict of Interest form:


The New Jersey Conflicts of Interest Law (N.J.S.A. 52:13D-12 et seq.), the rules of the State Ethics Commission (N.J.A.C. 19:61-1.1 et seq.), and your institution’s code of ethics contain standards that apply to you in your official capacity.  A college/university governing board member must file a Conflicts of Interest form annually with the State Ethics Commission.  

Online filing is mandatory for all COI filers utilizing the SimpliGov link that will be provided by the SEC. Detailed instructions for completing the COI form are available on the Commission’s website. If you have any questions about filing the COI form, you may contact your institution’s Ethics Liaison Officer (“ELO”) or the State Ethics Commission at 609-292-1892 or

For the purposes of the COI form, (a) “do business with” means providing or receiving any goods or services or otherwise engaging in a transaction involving the exchange of anything of value; and (b) “member of immediate family” means spouse/civil union partner, domestic partner, or child, parent, or sibling residing in your household.

Please note that completion of this form alone does not satisfy your obligation to promptly disclose any relationship, activity, or interest that could possibly involve or appear to involve an actual or potential conflict of interest.  It is your ongoing responsibility throughout the year to keep your institution and the Commission informed of such matters.