After You Apply

Submit Documents

When you apply, GetCoveredNJ will confirm your information automatically. If it cannot, you will be asked to submit documents to confirm information on your application.

The type of document you have to send depends on what GetCoveredNJ could not confirm. The most common data matching issues are income, citizenship, and immigration information. You will have 90 days to send your documents.

If you apply for coverage outside of Open Enrollment, you may need to send documents to learn if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.  

You will know if you need to send documents when you get your eligibility letter. You can also look in your GetCoveredNJ account. When you apply, you will get an eligibility letter. If it says you have to send documents to confirm information, send them as soon as you can.

You can upload documents and check on your status in your GetCoveredNJ account. If you need help, you can call the Customer Call Center. Or you can work with a free certified assister or health insurance agent (broker).


What documents can be uploaded to confirm my information?

The specific documents required to confirm your information can be found below and in the communications you received from GetCoveredNJ. More information is available in your GetCoveredNJ account. You’ll need an electronic file of the document saved on your computer. It can be a scan or clear photo.

  • Accepted documents - Verification Document List
  • Accepted formats: bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, or pdf
  • Formats not accepted: txt, css, xml, csv, doc, docx, dot, dotx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, zip


Why do I have to confirm my information?

GetCoveredNJ will ask you to confirm information if there is a data matching issue on your application. A data matching issue happens when information on an application cannot be matched with the data in trusted resources such as Social Security records and IRS databases.

  • Verify Income
  • Verify Identity
  • Verify United States Citizenship
  • Verify Eligible Immigration Status
  • Verify Social Security Number

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