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Governor Phil Murphy

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Governor Murphy Campaign Promise Tracker


Governor Murphy Campaign Promise Tracker

Since taking office in January 2018, Governor Murphy has remained committed to rebuilding the American Dream in New Jersey. Through historic investments in direct property tax relief for working and middle-class families, public schools, clean energy, NJ TRANSIT, and small businesses, among other initiatives, New Jersey is creating opportunity, generating new jobs, and becoming more affordable. Governor Murphy has made remarkable progress in advancing almost every major campaign promise – ensuring millionaires pay their fair share in taxes, raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, expanding paid family leave, and legalizing adult-use cannabis, among other achievements. In all, the Governor has completed or made meaningful progress on 51 out of 52 original campaign commitments. New Jersey is once again one of the top-ranked states to live and raise a family.

Economic Growth

  • Enact paid sick leave for all workers
  • Require equal pay for equal work
  • Oppose right-to-work laws
  • Offer a retirement plan for small business employees
  • Establish a state-level Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Appeal the federal sports betting ban and enact legislation
  • Reform overgenerous and unaccountable corporate incentive programs
  • Create a Public Bank

Transportation and Infrastructure

  1. Undertake an immediate capital and personnel audit of NJ TRANSIT
  2. Fund NJ TRANSIT and distribute TTF funding based on needs, not politics
  3. Ensure the Gateway Tunnel is built and that the PANYNJ bus terminal in Manhattan is expanded

K-12 Education

  1. Expand free pre-K for New Jersey families
  2. Launch a “Computer Science for All” initiative
  3. Move toward fully funding the school funding formula
  4. End PARCC testing and its use as a graduation requirement

Higher Education and Workforce

  1. Increase state aid to lower tuition and fees
  2. Enact STEM Loan Forgiveness legislation
  3. Increase partnerships between industry and institutions of higher education
  4. Expand alternative pathways to jobs including apprenticeship programs and new vocational training programs
  5. Work toward tuition-free community college

State Finances and Governance

  1. Establish a child and dependent care tax credit
  2. Enact combined reporting
  3. Convene an “Innovation Cabinet”
  4. Expand the EITC to 40 percent of the federal level
  5. Enact a full millionaire’s tax
  6. Meet the State’s annual required pension contribution
  7. Divest the pension from hedge funds and private equity
  8. Appoint shared services czars and create incentives for towns to share services
  9. Secure the State’s fair share of federal funds

Health Care and Social Services

  1. Restore funding to Planned Parenthood and protect access to contraception
  2. Stand up to ACA repeal in Washington and explore every option to protect & expand coverage
  3. Lower insurance premiums by reining in excessive out-of-network costs and leveraging the state health benefit plans
  4. Expand access to medical marijuana for patients in need
  5. Increase funding and tax credits to create new affordable housing
  6. Tackle the state’s opioid epidemic
  7. Repurpose foreclosed properties as affordable housing (and make Wall Street pay for it)

Law, Public Safety, and Social Justice

  1. Make New Jersey a leader in gun safety
  2. Appoint a cabinet that reflects New Jersey’s diversity
  3. Protect DREAMers and oppose mass deportation efforts
  4. Provide legal services to undocumented residents facing detention or deportation
  5. Appoint a Chief Diversity Officer
  6. Expand access to the ballot
  7. Ensure LGBT equality
  8. Review sentencing and implement comprehensive criminal justice reform
  9. Provide driver's licenses and statewide ID to undocumented residents
  10. Legalize and tax adult-use marijuana

Energy and the Environment

  1. Immediately restore New Jersey’s place in RGGI
  2. Set 3,500 MW target for offshore wind by 203􀀓
  3. Prioritize solar energy expansion and production, including community solar
  4. Institute a moratorium on the bear hunt 
  5. Create a new State Energy Master Plan to set New Jersey on a path to 100 percent clean energy by 2050
  1. = Completed
  2. = Promise launched/meaningful progress made
  3.   = Incomplete
  4.   = Reevaluated