Governor Phil Murphy

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Governors Welcome New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to the Wind & Solar Energy Coalition


TRENTON — The Governors’ Wind & Solar Energy Coalition today welcomed New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy as the Coalition’s newest member.

“It’s an honor to have Governor Murphy as a Coalition member.  Governor Murphy already has an extraordinary record of accomplishment. Within weeks of taking office, he took action to develop New Jersey’s vast offshore wind energy resources — steps that will provide decades of economic development and emissions free energy to the Garden State,” said Montana Governor Steve Bullock, Coalition chairman.

“As the governor of a coastal state with offshore wind energy resources, I look forward to working closely with Governor Murphy and other coastal governors to expand offshore wind development and to collaborating with states across the nation to open new markets for wind and solar energy. Renewable energy expansion creates jobs, diversifies our energy sources, and ensures long-term energy affordability,” added Delaware Governor John Carney, Coalition vice chairman.

“Strengthening New Jersey’s commitment to renewable energy and growing our clean energy economy has been a focal point for my administration. I look forward to working with Governor Bullock, Governor Carney and other Coalition colleagues to help the wind and solar industries diversify our nation’s energy portfolio, enhance environmental quality, and support economic development in our states,” said Governor Murphy.

“We look forward to working with Governor Murphy on the challenges for the nation’s energy future,” said Governor Bullock. “A focused, unified message from the nation’s governors that stresses the importance of wind energy development and offers sound policy initiatives will help ensure that renewable energy remains a state and national priority.”

Over a decade ago, many of the nation’s coastal governors supported the policies that created today’s land-based wind industry.  Although the Coalition’s efforts have always included both onshore and offshore wind energy, there remains a tremendous opportunity to advance the nation’s offshore wind opportunities that the Coalition has urged Congressional leadership and the Administration to support. These resources — combined with solar energy and practical policies — are delivering economic, energy, and environmental success.

New Jersey is one of many coastal states with plans to develop commercial offshore wind and Governor Murphy recently made the largest commitment in the nation by pledging to achieve 3,500MW of offshore wind generation by 2030.  The nation’s offshore wind is an abundant source of renewable energy located near some of our nation’s largest cities and areas of electricity demand.  A thriving U.S. offshore wind sector will create thousands of jobs, with hundreds of millions of dollars in wages in businesses ranging from R&D and engineering to manufacturing and marine construction in these states.