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ICYMI: Local Leaders Applaud Department of Transportation Municipal Aid Funding


“We are extremely happy to receive a DOT grant for our Franklin Ave/Knoll Dr. Project. As a Municipality with only one county road and three state highways traveling east to west, it is essential that we receive aid from the state on the many commuter cut through streets.” - Mayor Thomas Andes, Denville 

“I just received notice that the Borough of Mountain Lakes will receive a $499,000 grant from the NJ Department of Transportation's Municipal Aid Program to fund our Morris Avenue project. This investment in the Borough's infrastructure will benefit citizens from Mountain Lakes and our surrounding communities, and will provide meaningful assistance to our taxpayers. On behalf of our entire community, please accept my sincere gratitude for this grant and for the NJDOT's continued support of our local roadways. Thank you for your support!” - Mayor Lauren Barnett, Borough of Mountain Lakes

“I wish to thank the governor's office for the NJDOT Municipal Aid Grant that was recently awarded to Howell Township. This funding is critical in assisting our township with our infrastructure.” - Mayor Theresa Berger, Township of Howell         

“I support the NJDOT Municipal Aid Grant with proposed improvements to Chips Folly Road. Without grants like these, it would be impossible for small towns like ours to get these repairs completed. Thanking you in advance.” - Mayor Deborah Buzby-Cope, Bass River Township 

"The relationship between municipalities and the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority is an important element of maintaining roads for the safety of our traveling public, not only in New Brunswick, but throughout the State. We are grateful and pleased for the approval of funds for the Handy Street Roadway Improvement project. It is a great example of the State’s partnership with, and support for, our municipalities." - Mayor Jim Cahill, New Brunswick 

“It is with great appreciation that I write to you to thank you and your entire team for their assistance in providing the Borough of Cliffside Park with a Department of Transportation Municipal Aid Grant in the amount of $166,903 for the Various Streets - Roadway Preservation project. As Mayor of the Borough of Cliffside Park, I can tell you that this grant will benefit the citizens of my community. This grant will help provide a reduction in erosion, watershed pollution, and maintenance. It will make traffic flow better with less damage to vehicles and less frequent accidents. I speak on behalf of my Council and all residents of Cliffside Park when I state that the Borough of Cliffside Park truly appreciates the efforts of your administration and the work it is doing for all of New Jersey. We are proud to be a partner in this very important endeavor. Thank you again on behalf of my entire community for your support.” - Mayor Thomas Calabrese, Borough of Cliffside Park 

“South Brunswick relies on its partnership with state government to improve local roads. This year’s Local Aid grant will help us improve an important east-west route across town. It is important to note the Murphy administration’s continued support of local initiatives for such projects.” - Mayor Charles Carley, South Brunswick 

"Thank you to Governor Murphy, on behalf of the people who live and work in East Rutherford, for his support of our request for financial aid. The $227,00 that we will be receiving allows us to improve our local roads that are in need of resurfacing along with needed curb and sewerage repairs. The Transportation Road Grant Program, which I hope continues, is such an important component for our municipalities in their efforts to maintain their local infrastructure." - Mayor James Cassella, East Rutherford 

“Thank you for your support of the Palisades Park East Edsall Boulevard Improvements Project, which is the beneficiary of funding through the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT). The State of New Jersey and the DOT plays a crucial role in improving and maintaining the Borough’s infrastructure. East Edsall Boulevard had suffered from heavy flash flooding as a result of an undersized stormwater system, but now because of your support, we have been able to upgrade our system and restore the road surface that had been damaged by the flooding. As the Mayor of Palisades Park, I wish to thank you for the continued generous support we received through the DOT. The residents of the Borough and I are grateful for the improvements made to East Edsall Boulevard.” - Mayor Christopher Chung, Borough of Palisades Park 

“Similar to many municipalities throughout our State, Madison has many more miles of local roads than State and County roads combined. This grant allows us to keep up with our road reconstruction program without having to postpone projects or overly burden our residents. We greatly appreciate the support.” - Mayor Robert Conley, Madison 

“It is with much gratitude that was accept the revenue for this year’s DOT Municipal Aid Grant in the amount of $300,000. This much needed money will be used to fund phase 3 of our Wrangleboro Road paving Project. Wrangleboro Road is only a few miles long but is the home to our regional high school, our township Middle school, a municipal elementary school, as well as thousands of township homes. The DOT Municipal Aid grants are an integral part of our infrastructure program. Our goal is to provide safe roads for our residents in the most efficient way possible, unfortunately that is challenged by the local economy in the Atlantic County area. Although we are in the middle of a fragile recovery from the casino industry collapse, we still lead the nation in foreclosed properties. Property tax relief has been a priority for us and the DOT Municipal Aid grants have been essential in helping us with that mission. Thank you to the Governor's Office for your commitment to improving the infrastructure of New Jersey and specifically South Jersey and Atlantic County.” - Mayor Anthony Coppola, Galloway

“Maintaining the quality of our streets is one of the most important jobs of municipal government. The City of Bayonne would like to thank Governor Murphy and the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) for this vitally important street-paving grant. We will work closely with the Bayonne Department of Public Works to develop a priority list of streets that are in serious need of resurfacing. We will make careful use of this state funding throughout our community.” - Mayor Jimmy Davis, Bayonne

“I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Governor for his commitment to Little Falls and the enhancement of our streets with the $700,000 DOT grant that Little Falls intends to utilize towards its Streetscape.” - Mayor James Belford Damiano, Township of Little Falls 

“On behalf of Franklin Township and our residents we would like to sincerely send our gratitude to you for the recent New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Fiscal Year 2019 Municipal Aid Program for the Montana Road Resurfacing Project in the amount of $122,000. We understand that the NJDOT's Municipal Aid Program is a very competitive program in the State and your continued support for the program allows municipalities to help maintain infrastructure that we would otherwise struggle to uphold. Our governing body appreciates the continued support and the constant work you personally put forth and the governing actions from you that help support our local communities. Again, we appreciate your consideration, support and allowing us to use the State Funds for this valuable project.” Mayor Jeff DeAngelis, Township of Franklin 

“We here in Rutherford are very pleased that we have been awarded this DOT Grant and would like to thank Governor Murphy for his efforts in putting this money to good use” - Mayor Joe DeSalvo, Rutherford 

“As Mayor of the Town of Morristown, I would like to extend a special thank you to Governor Murphy and express how grateful Morristown is to have been selected to receive funding from the NJDOT Fiscal Year 2019 Municipal Aid Program for the Washington Street Phase IV Streetscape Project in the amount of $315,000. This funding will provide for the necessary improvements to Washington Street, which is one of our communities most trafficked roads. Once again, thank you!” - Mayor Timothy P. Dougherty, Town of Morristown 

“Flemington, like many municipalities, is always struggling to find solutions to pay for aging infrastructure. Having to bond the full amount of infrastructure replacement is a bad deal for taxpayers who might still be paying long past the useful life of the water and sewer mains. It’s only with the help of the NJDOT grants and Governor Murphy that we are able to pursue the necessary improvements to our water and sewer utilities.” - Mayor Betsy Driver, Borough of Flemington 

“These Municipal Aid Funds will be used to do much-needed repairs to several residential streets in Brick Township,” said Mayor John G. Ducey. “We are thankful for being granted these funds to help offset the cost of this project. Maintaining a safe and modern infrastructure is essential and receiving assistance to help reduce the burden of doing so to our taxpayers is a great thing.” - Mayor John Ducey of Brick Township 

“I would like to thank the Governor's Office and the Department of Transportation for selecting the Town of Phillipsburg to receive the 2019 Municipal Aid Program for the Heckman Street - Phase 4 Project in the amount of $214,881. As the second poorest Town in Warren County and the nineteenth poorest Town in the State of New Jersey, we are extremely appreciative of all that the Governor's Office is doing to assist us in moving forward. Please convey my personal thanks to Governor Murphy, Lt. Governor Oliver and Commissioner Gutierrez-Scaccetti.” - Mayor Stephen Ellis, Town of Phillipsburg 

“On behalf of the Lyndhurst Board of Commissioners, we are most pleased to acknowledge your awarding Lyndhurst funding from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Fiscal Year 2019 Municipal Aid Program for the Stuyvesant Avenue Project in the amount of $197,000. Through the sponsorship and efforts of Senator Paul Sarlo, your administration and the Department of Transportation have continually supported Lyndhurst's transit initiatives. We are continuing to meet with officials of New Jersey Transit, and we are most appreciative for our open lines of communications which has certainly struck a positive tone regarding the future of Lyndhurst's new train station.” - Mayor Robert Giangeruso, Township of Lyndhurst 

“This $1.1 million will help the City of Trenton repair and maintain its roads,” said Mayor Reed Gusciora. “This investment from the State into the Capital City shows the State’s commitment to moving Trenton forward, not only for our residents, but for all of New Jersey. The 20,000 State employees who come into Trenton daily use our roads. As a result, our local infrastructure of the Capital City impacts the entire state. I want to thank Governor Murphy and Transportation Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti for their commitment to the Capital City. It was also great teamwork by Senator Shirley Turner, Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson, and Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli for making this happen and their advocacy on behalf of Trenton residents.” - Mayor Reed Gusciora, City of Trenton 

“We are grateful for Governor Murphy's support and commitment to building infrastructure in Teaneck, Bergen County, and across the State of New Jersey. The resources provided by DOT will go a long way to improve the conditions of Elizabeth Avenue. I thank the Governor for his efforts." - Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin, Teaneck  

“One of the issues facing small communities is the maintenance of critical infrastructure. Fiscally, it is challenging to provide for these types of improvements without impacting property taxes. We are grateful to the Governor and the New Jersey Department of Transportation for selecting us in this round of competitive grants. The area that we will improve serves a large segment of our Senior Population and is a gateway to our amazing waterfront recreation areas and County Park. On behalf of myself and the City Council I wish to thank all involved for this selection.” - Mayor Fred Henry, City of South Amboy 

“The Residents of Absecon welcome this much needed Department of Transportation Municipal Aid Grant for $290,000 for road improvements to Bayview Drive. With the harsh winter weather our residents are thrilled to get this grant to repair a much needed and well-traveled road in Absecon.” - Mayor Kim Horton, Absecon 

“I am grateful for the $290,000 DOT Municipal Aid that Egg Harbor City will be receiving to reconstruct city roads. Small municipalities like Egg Harbor City have little resources available to take on these types of projects. I appreciate Governor Murphy’s commitment to supporting small municipalities like mine!” -Mayor Lisa Jiampetti, Egg Harbor City 

“I would like to thank Governor Murphy and the New Jersey Department of transportation for the grant award of $351,000 to continue our street scape work along McBride Avenue. We made a pledge many years ago to find this work effort via grants, and this is a continuation of that commitment. We now have $1.2 million to begin the next three phases of the project and we thank the State for partnership in this endeavor.” - Mayor Keith Kazmark, Woodland Park 

“On behalf of the Prospect Park taxpayers, I would like to thank the Murphy Administration for their commitment to infrastructure improvements. This award help us maintain safe roads, while taking the bulk of the financial burden off the shoulders of taxpayers.” - Mayor Mohamed Khairullah, Prospect Park 

“As a recipient of current funding, the town of Clinton is grateful to Governor Murphy and his administration for their continued commitment to funding infrastructure and road projects.” - Mayor Janice Kovach, Clinton Town 

“I would like to thank Gov. Murphy for generously allocating over $250,000 for our city’s Main Street Streetscape plan, which will include new tree plantings, public benches, landscaping, sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks. All of this is part of our ongoing efforts to revitalize downtown Hackensack and make it a destination for shoppers, developers and new residents, and this funding will help us move closer to that goal while reducing costs for our local taxpayers." - Mayor John LaBrosse, Hackensack 

“I would like to express the extreme appreciation of the residents and the Township Committee of Blairstown Township of your assistance in awarding a $156,000 grant for the resurfacing of Mohican Road phase 2. All levels of government are faced with ever tightening budgets, so I am ever grateful for all of the help that you have given my town over the past 15 months. Any aid received in repairing our roads is most appreciated by our taxpayers. Your administration has been very receptive to our requests for assistance during natural disasters and also with monetary grants. Your cooperative staff is always just a phone call away. It is a pleasure working with you and your administration.” - Mayor Stephen J. Lance Township of Blairstown 

“Edison Township is very pleased to be the recipient of a $527,000 state DOT Municipal Aid grant to help pay for vital improvements to Grove Avenue – one of our major thoroughfares – between New Dover Road and Inman Avenue. “Since 2014, my Administration has resurfaced and made other necessary improvements to 228 neighborhoods streets. We greatly appreciate this state grant, realizing how much every dollar counts,” - Mayor Thomas Lankey, Township of Edison 

“The Township of Allamuchy received notification that its application for funds from the municipal aid portion of the Transportation Trust Fund for the Catswamp Road Improvement Project has been approved. The Township will be receiving a grant in the amount of $121,000.00 to help fund important roadway and drainage improvements on the lower portion of Catswamp Road near the Independence Township municipal boundary. On behalf of the Township of Allamuchy, I want to thank the Department of Transportation for its consideration and approval of our application for funding of improvements on Catswamp Road. NJDOT' s Municipal Aid Program provides vital funding to municipalities like the Township of Allamuchy to construct improvements to its local roadway network to maintain safety and mobility. Again, thank you for your assistance and support.” - Mayor Rick Lomonaco, Township of Allamunchy 

“As a mayor, I strongly believe that investment in core infrastructure projects is a critical factor for improving our residents' quality of life: strong local transportation network directly contributes to growth of our community and economic development of our towns. Receiving state funding from the NJDOT in the amount of $373,757 for reconstruction of a local roadway like Kelly Drivers Lane enables our municipality to save tax dollars for our citizens as well as enhance their welfare and standard of living.” - Mayor David Mayer, Gloucester Townhsip 

“Woodbridge Township extends a grateful thank you to Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey Department of Transportation for approving a $482,000 grant application from the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund that will allow for the complete overhaul and resurfacing of Colonia Blvd. The New Jersey Department of Transportation and the Woodbridge Township Engineering Division will move to complete the Colonia Blvd. repaving project that extends from New Dover Road to Sandalwood Lane this year,” said Mayor John E. McCormac. “It is important to note that the project not only includes the resurfacing of Colonia Blvd., but also includes traffic striping, curb/sidewalk and handicap ramp improvements, the installation of bicycle safe lane markings and landscape improvements. By partnering with the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund and the New Jersey Department of Transportation, we are able to greatly improve the transportation network and the Quality-of-Life for Colonia residents and visitors.” - Mayor John McCormac, Woodbridge Township 

“The Township of Lacey Governing Body today announced the annual N.J Department of Transportation Infrastructure and Municipal Aid grants has been awarded to us in the amount of $395,000 for Roadway Overlay work for Nautilus Boulevard from Shadybrook Drive to Capstan Drive.  Lacey Township is always pleased with receiving any help they can get from the NJ Municipal Aid Grant Program especially during time of tight municipal budgets during a time of shrinking state and federal funding have placed a strain on local roads, said Mayor Timothy McDonald. “Our goal is to leverage grant dollars to help improve our infrastructure and cover the funding gap and focus on the urgent need for repaving.” This is your gas tax at work—providing vital funds to municipalities for necessary repairs to roads and bridges under their jurisdiction, without burdening local property taxpayers. The N.J Department of Transportation Municipal Aid Program is a very competitive program. This year the DOT received 681 applications requesting more than $377.9 million. There is $161.25 million available in funds from the Transportation Trust Fund supported by the gas tax. As part of the commitment to the communities, NJDOT provides statewide assistance for local governments for improvements and preservation of the local transportation network which makes up 90% of NJ roadways. Lacey Township has been successful in receiving the NJ Department of Transportation Municipal Aid Grants. Over the past 5 years we have received $1.8 million for roadway improvements on Lakeside Drive, East Lacey Road, Lakeside Drive East, Laurel and Nautilus. “ - Mayor Tim McDonald, Township of Lacey 

“The Township of Freehold is very active in the protection of our local roadway infrastructure.  With the help of this $240,000 grant from the NJDOT Local Aid Program, the first phase of improvements to Iron Bridge Road will bring much needed surface and drainage repairs to a main artery in Freehold Township.  This Local Aid Program is essential to the much needed augmentation of the annual capital program here in Freehold Township.” - Mayor Barbara McMorrow, Freehold Township 

“Thank you for the great news regarding Voorhees Township's receipt of the NJDOT Municipal Aid Grant to be used for the installation of sidewalk along Kirkbride Road. This sidewalk abuts a busy road with apartments lining both sides. Sidewalks should have been mandated when these apartment units were first built but back then the area was not nearly as congested as it is now. The new sidewalk will allow safe passage for students to get to school bus pick up locations and for residents in this area to travel to the Voorhees Town Center shops and restaurants. I have often observed parents pushing strollers along the edge of Kirkbride Road traveling to the Voorhees town Center and have been concerned for their safety. This municipal aid grant may truly save lives. Again, on behalf of the residents of Voorhees, thank you.” - Mayor Michael Mignogna, Voorhees Township 

“East Windsor thanks Governor Murphy for the municipal aid roadway grant awards received in 2019 and last year, which provide resources to enable the municipality to improve and repair important deteriorated local roadway infrastructure.” - Mayor Janice Mironov, East Windsor Township 

“Frenchtown Borough is grateful to be a recipient of a NJDOT local aid grant that was recently announced by Governor Murphy. These important grant funds help small municipalities like Frenchtown make infrastructure improvements which are beneficial to motorists as well as our local economy.” - Mayor Brad Myhre, Frenchtown Borough 

“On behalf of the people of Sayreville I want to thank Governor Murphy for reducing our property taxes by allocating almost a half a million dollars for infrastructure. This allocation has will reduce taxes by two points and for this we again reiterate our thanks.” - Mayor Kennedy O’Brien, Sayreville 

“The $275,000 grant from the State will fund the improvements to Brighton Avenue from Gully Road to Marconi Road. This much travelled artery provides access to Route 18 for our commuting residents on a daily basis.” The Mayor continued, “Partnering with the State on this project enables the Township to continue our already expanded and locally funded Road Improvement Program.  The proposed improvements will assist in correcting local drainage problems, provide safer driving conditions and eliminate a dangerous and hazardous condition for motorists and pedestrians alike. With the funding in hand we look forward to getting this project off of the design table and under construction a soon as possible.” - Mayor Kevin Orender, Wall Township 

“On behalf of the Borough of Glen Rock I want to offer my sincere gratitude to the New Jersey Department of Transportation Municipal Aid program for awarding our municipality with $227,000 which will facilitate the next step of our improvement efforts at the intersection of Rock Road and Maple Avenue. We have been looking to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety at this intersection for several years and look forward to moving ahead with the project.” -  Mayor Bruce Packer, Glen Rock 

“Governor Murphy, thank you so much for the support of East Hanover for a road project. Appreciate everything you are doing. Your friend, Mayor Joe Pannullo.” - Mayor Joe Pannullo, East Hanover  

“On behalf of the residents of Pemberton Township I would like to express our appreciation for recently being selected to receive funding through the FY2019 NJDOT Municipal Aid Program. This funding will enable us to finally begin a repaving program on South Lakeshore Drive. The project involves repaving a portion of the three-mile roadway along the South side of Mirror Lake. This roadway services not only a large part of our community but many visitors who come to this area to enjoy spending time on and around Mirror Lake, one of South Jersey’s premier recreational water locations. Although Pemberton Township, like most municipalities, aggressively addresses infrastructure repairs, budget constraints often prevent us from accomplishing this alone. With assistance such as the Municipal Aid Program we are able to address these concerns while continuing to maintain budgets that keep Pemberton Township an affordable place to live. Again, on behalf of Pemberton Township I would like to thank the Office of the Governor and the New Jersey Department of Transportation for recognizing the value in investing in our community.” -Mayor David Patriarca, Township of Pemberton 

"We are grateful for the Governor's continued support for municipalities. Townships like West Orange cannot continue to provide services without a partnership in Trenton." Mayor Robert Parisi, West Orange

“Governor Murphy and the DOT’s commitment to assist local communities repave their streets will greatly enhance the work that is currently being done by the borough of Fair Lawn. We are very appreciative to have the support of the state as we work to make sure our streets meet the needs of our community.”  - Mayor Kurt Peluso, Fair Lawn  

“Thank you for the $279,900 grant to our Grand Street Local Improvement Project. We greatly appreciate the grant which will be used to strengthen our community and relieve local property taxpayers. In Garfield we are a community that struggles to balance the needs of our citizens with the ability to fund certain projects. This 279,900 demonstrates your solid commitment to Garfield and assisting our taxpayers. I look forward to continuing this relationship with you and your dedicated staff. On behalf of the city council, our city manager, and the residents of Garfield we say, ‘thank you.’”  - Mayor Richard Rigoglioso, Garfield 

“On behalf of the Borough of Cresskill, as Mayor I would like to personally thank Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) for their continued commitment to maintain and improve New Jersey’s local transportation infrastructure by providing its financial assistance for the much needed improvement of 0.53 miles of Engle Street, Cresskill, New Jersey. Given its proximity to the Borough of Tenafly and the Borough of Alpine, this project when complete shall benefit the region as a whole and provide specific benefits to the residents of the Borough of Cresskill allowing for the completion of this project without a substantial impact to the local property tax assessment. Over the years, the Borough of Cresskill, has had a long and successful track record of working with the dedicated staff members of the NJDOT Division of Local Aid, to identify and help fund local transportation infrastructure initiatives such as the proposed reconstruction of Engle Street.  Projects such as this continue to enhance the mobility enjoyed by the residents of the Borough of Cresskill and motorist throughout the great State of New Jersey.” - Mayor Benedict Romeo, Cresskill 

“On behalf of the residents of Columbine Avenue I would like to thank you, Governor, your staff, and all those involved at NJDOT for the Municipal Aid Grant that has been allocated to the City of Millville for roadway improvements. These improvements will improve the quality of life for those residents.” - Mayor Michael Santiago, City of Millville 

“We are profoundly grateful for this significant investment in the quality of life for Patersonians. This historic amount for road resurfacing demonstrates the Murphy Administration’s commitment to Paterson and other urban areas. Constituents, commuters, and customers alike will benefit from these improvements.” - Mayor Andre Sayegh, City of Paterson  

“As you are aware, the Borough of Fort Lee is a regional transportation hub for the tri-state area and also proudly serves as the gateway community to northern New Jersey. We also take great pride in serving as the host community for the "busiest bridge" in the world and ensuring safe passage for millions and millions of travelers on an annual basis. On behalf of our entire community, we extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the funding provided for our project at Jones Road. Jones Road is a critical artery contributing to the safe and efficient travel of many, many commuters and locals alike. For years, the Borough of Fort Lee was deprived of adequate funding notwithstanding the responsibilities and obligations associated with serving as a regional transportation hub. Your commitment to transportation and infrastructure in the State of New Jersey, and in particular our community, is appreciated beyond words. The funds to be provided for our "Jones Road" project will go a long way in allowing Fort Lee to continue to deliver safe and efficient transportation services, and more importantly, we know that we are not alone in this vital mission.” - Mayor Mark Sokolich, Borough of Fort Lee 

“The Township of Parsippany- Troy Hills is very grateful to the Governor for his commitment to improve transportation and infrastructure across the State.” - Mayor Michael Soriano, Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills 

“On behalf of myself and the citizens of Gloucester City, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Governor Phil Murphy for his support, cooperation and help with a few issues of importance to Gloucester City over the last few months. In particular, the DOT grant to repave Filmore Street in the amount of $312,000 is of major significance to the infrastructure improvements much needed in our community. The residents in that area will benefit greatly with a new and improved road surface that will come to improve the quality of life in our historic city.” - Mayor Daniel Spencer, Gloucester City 

“I am grateful for Governor Murphy’s continued support of infrastructure across our state. I know that my residents directly benefit from the ability of Garwood to repair our roads, which is thanks to the DOT grants often covering more than half our project costs.” -Mayor Sara Todisco, Garwood 

"We support Governor Murphy's effort to upgrade our state's infrastructure as evidenced by the DOT grant in the amount of $166,400 we will be receiving for the resurfacing of Allison Road.” - Paul H. Tomasko Mayor, Alpine" 

“Dear Governor, on behalf of the residents of Saddle Brook, I thank you for the Department of Transportation grant award. The Township Council and I are grateful for your commitment to improving our infrastructure. I look forward to continuing our progress as we move New Jersey forward.” - Mayor Robert D. White, Township of Saddle Brook 

“I'm grateful for the Governor's commitment to improving our state's infrastructure. We are thankful for the resources that will go towards Demarest Avenue and look forward to partnering with the Administration to move our town and state forward. Many thanks on behalf of the great citizens of Englewood!” - Mayor Michael Wildes, Englewood 

“Our thanks to Governor Murphy and NJDOT Commissioner Gutierrez-Scaccetti for supporting our annual road program with $570,000 in municipal aid to improve access to our public high school along Raider Road. Since 2001, the township has spent nearly $50 million repairing more than 125 municipal roads covering nearly 40 miles. Statewide assistance is a critical component of our local road program. Transportation Trust funding reflects a winning strategy that recognizes an interconnected transportation network relies on both county and state support for success.” - Mayor Francis “Mac” Womack III, Township of North Brunswick