Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Murphy and Superintendent Callahan Announce Curbside Pickup at Libraries and Clarifications Regarding Certain Business Activities


Governor Phil Murphy and Superintendent of the State Police Colonel Patrick Callahan today announced an Administrative Order which permits libraries to allow curbside pickup, beginning at 6:00 a.m. on Monday, June 15. The order also clarifies rules affecting a number of different businesses.

Libraries are an important resource in normal times, but are even more critical now as many New Jerseyans utilize the numerous and often free resources that they have to offer,” said Governor Murphy. “Reopening our libraries for curbside pickup will ensure that families in our state can continue to have access to literature, arts, and so much more that these institutions provide.”

Under the order:

  • Libraries are permitted to offer curbside pickup and can reopen their outdoor spaces to the public, but patrons shall not be permitted to enter the brick-and-mortar premises;
  • Restaurants and indoor recreational and entertainment businesses are permitted to allow individuals to tour their facilities for event-planning purposes, but such individuals must wear face coverings at all times and the facility may not provide food or drink tastings or samplings;
  • Students, who may be accompanied by parents or guardians, may enter school premises to retrieve personal belongings from lockers, classrooms, or other areas;
  • Open houses to view real estate are permitted, provided they comply with the restrictions on indoor gatherings, including the requirement that attendees wear face coverings;
  • Bicycle shops, boat dealerships, car and used car dealerships, farming equipment stores, federal firearms licensees, livestock feed stores, mobile phone retail and repair shops, motorcycle dealerships, and nurseries and garden centers can operate according to the requirements placed on essential retail businesses;
  • All car washes can operate according to the requirements placed on essential retail businesses;
  • Yard and garage sales are permitted subject to the requirements on indoor gatherings, but municipalities shall have the discretion to impose additional restrictions on these sales;
  • Special events, including fireworks displays, at public and private beaches, boardwalks, lakes, and lakeshores are permitted, subject to the restrictions on outdoor gatherings; and
  • Shared space tutoring service facilities remain closed to students and clients.

The Order will take effect at 6:00 a.m. on Monday, June 15th.

A copy of the Administrative Order can be found here